PCoIP Stats for VMware Horizon View
Posted By Zeev Eisenberg
March 03, 2016
ControlUp now exposes PCoIP information for our growing Horizon View customer base. These new metrics are part of ControlUp’s session grid. Admins who monitor multiple flavors of VDI sessions such as Citrix, VMware and RDS, can now see them all in one grid. ControlUp collects and presents latency and bandwidth metrics for PcoIP sessions: Average […]
ControlUp Insights – Historical Reporting & Analytics for End-user Computing
Posted By Yoni Avital
January 07, 2016
It’s a big day here at ControlUp! Today we released our new analytics and historical reporting platform, ControlUp Insights, together with a new version of our Real-time console – ControlUp 5.0. Last year, we spent a lot of time speaking with our customers, EUC community leaders and industry experts in order to understand the requirements and expectations […]