Posted By ControlUp Team
March 31, 2014
The last few months have been very busy for us here at Smart-X. The team worked long days and nights to put the final touch on our latest release – ControlUp 3.0. We could not have asked for a more successful reception than the one we got with the Webinar we did together with Trond […]
Posted By Yoni Avital
September 15, 2013
Last week we had a great ControlUp Webinar with Citrix Ready. In this Webinar I covered the key themes that were synonymous with ControlUp from the day we launched it: Total Real-Time Visibility ( Starting at 09:33 in the embedded video ) Comprehensive Multi-Target Management ( Starting 24:00 in the embedded video ) I’ve also covered in details our […]
Posted By Yoni Avital
December 26, 2012
Last week I had the pleasure to present and discuss ControlUp in a DABCC Live Webinar, the webinar was quite cool, with lots of interesting questions from the audience. The first part was a general discussion about the challenges that ControlUp solves and a quick overview of ControlUp 1.x capabilities, during the second part of the […]