Reducing Complexity in Systems Monitoring
Posted By ControlUp Team
April 19, 2015
In this ControlUp “how-to” article we take a look at the Stress Level feature. Stress Level addresses the inherent complexity of performance monitoring by combining several performance metrics into one intuitive health index. In a complex IT system, such as a VDI environment with hundreds of machines, proper monitoring can ensure smooth operations. However, the […]
ControlUp 2.0 Now Available for Beta Program Members
Posted By Eugene
January 21, 2013
Great news for our Beta Program members ! ControlUp 2.0, our brand-new enterprise-ready release is now available for download. Join the Beta Program and enjoy our newest features: Central Configuration – share your organization tree with your colleagues and collaborate easily on management and monitoring tasks. Security Policy – delegate administrative tasks and allocate permissions for different folders […]
Posted By Eugene
February 08, 2012
We are excited to release ControlUp 1.2 which includes more than a few additions from our community wishlist. Here’s a summary of the new features we hope will become your favorite: Monitoring features – ControlUp is now much friendlier to the performance monitoring crowd, with a suite of monitoring innovations so cool they deserve their own […]
Posted By Eugene
February 07, 2012
The new version of ControlUp is currently undergoing beta testing and will be available for download within the next weeks. Numerous IT pro’s around the world use ControlUp as a monitoring dashboard by sorting resource tables by different performance counter columns, such as CPU, memory usage, disk queue, etc. If you are among them, here’s […]