ControlUp + IGEL = ❤️
Posted By Trentent Tye
January 22, 2020
Have you ever done a jigsaw puzzle and found that you’re missing just one piece? It’s just one piece, but it’s a gaping hole right in the middle of the picture you’ve been working to complete. That missing piece ruins the puzzle and makes it feel like all your effort was for naught. What you […]
ControlUp Automation – User Input Delay vs Citrix ICA Round Trip Time (RTT)
Posted By Trentent Tye
June 18, 2019
How do you measure user experience (UX)? When I worked with end users I used various methods to measure the quality of their experience.  If the user was in close proximity, I would visit them and actually watch them work, otherwise I’d do some sort of screen share.  I found it amazing observing users work […]
A Comparison between Vsphere and HyperV, from a XenDesktop VDI POV
Posted By Dan Levtov
February 25, 2016
Your VDI is XenDesktop and you’re comparing vSphere and HyperV before deciding which one to go with. Which one of these hypervisors is preferable? It’s a tricky decision, requiring quite a lot of research and thought. Or does it…? Consider the VDI’s common denominator For those using VMware View, there is no real dilemma because […]
VDI Monitoring: What You Don’t Know You’re Missing
Posted By Yoni Avital
December 09, 2015
How do you know that what you understand to be all-encompassing isn’t actually quite as extensive as you might have thought? Surely when you buy an all-inclusive package, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the words all-inclusive are a dead giveaway. Apparently this is not necessarily true, as while nothing is completely perfect, so this […]
Top 9 Take-aways from VMworld 2015
Posted By ControlUp Team
September 10, 2015
Number 1 – “Ready for Any” This was the theme of VMworld 2015. And it seems that VMware is ready for any of the technical challenges we should all be aware of surrounding the vision of a unified hybrid cloud – including accessing an agile cloud platform for traditional and cloud-native applications and embracing enterprise […]
BriForum Denver 2015 Wrap-Up
Posted By Asaf Ganot
July 30, 2015
If you weren’t there this year, then maybe you don’t know that BriForum 2015 was a raging success. As first time exhibitors we received a very warm welcome in Denver, Colorado from the organizers (thank you TechTarget!) and attendees alike.  We learned a lot about trends, the surrounding VDI ecosystem and heard some great presentations. […]
ControlUp E2EVC Orlando 2015 Presentations
Posted By Yoni Avital
July 29, 2015
For those of you who don’t know, E2EVC is a noncommercial IT conference led by Alex Juschin and has been enlightening attendees since 2003. This year alone E2EVC was held in Orlando and Berlin with an upcoming event in Lisbon, November 13-15, 2015. In May we sponsored E2EVC Orlando and presented a community session Diving into Windows Logon […]
Top VDI End-User Experience Metrics and How to Measure Them
Posted By Yoni Avital
June 18, 2015
When an organization makes the transition from physical to virtual desktops, the IT department must do everything that they can to make sure that the virtual desktops perform as well, if not better than the physical desktops that they are replacing. To do so, administrators have long relied on performance metrics. Today however, there is […]
Did You Know that You Have an IT Superpower?
Posted By ControlUp Team
June 08, 2015
What? You didn’t know that you have an IT Superpower? Well, of course you do! Just take the quick and fun quiz below and find out which one you have! Maybe you have the power to fly and didn’t even know it!
What Do You Need for VDI Management?
Posted By Yoni Avital
June 03, 2015
The ability to effectively manage a VDI environment hinges on having the right tools, but what features and capabilities does an administrator really need? Perhaps a better question to consider is whether the organization needs a VDI management tool, a VDI monitoring tool, or some combination of the two. Although it’s easy to assume that […]
Hot Off the Press – IT Personality Quiz Results
Posted By ControlUp Team
May 27, 2015
Citrix Synergy is a wrap and we have all had a chance to get back to the office and into the normal humdrum.  So let’s spice things up a bit and show you the results to our totally unscientific Find Your Hidden IT Personality test.  Where did you fit in on the personality scale?  Few people fell […]
Step into Our Office at Citrix Synergy 2015
Posted By ControlUp Team
May 05, 2015
SysAdmins worldwide rely on ControlUp’s master console for VDI monitoring and management. Our real-time actionable dashboard gives you performance visibility and historical reporting and trending for an unparalleled end-user experience. Drop by our Citrix Synergy office space, booth #417, May 12-14 in Orlando, Florida to learn more about ControlUp’s solutions for Citrix XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp and your VDI environment. Be […]