Learn why customers choose ControlUp over Nexthink.

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10 Reasons why ControlUp Digital Experience Monitoring versus NexthinkControlUpNexthink
Real-Time End-To-End Experience Monitoring with 3-second updates
Physical Device Monitoring & Optimization with User-Mode Agent
Virtualization Monitoring born in the cloud
Easy to Configure, Use, & Buy SaaS Licensing Model
Proactive & Historical Synthetic Monitoring
Simple Unified Console with Virtual Agent
Data Trend Analysis via One-Year of Historical Data
Open Source & Community Driven Script Library
Strong Alliance Partnerships wth VMWare, Citrix, and Microsoft
Fast Time-to-Value; 10-minutes to deploy with no consultants

Real-Time Experience Monitoring
ControlUp offers the simplest, most cost-effective way to observe, analyze and optimize your employees’ digital experience.

Physical Endpoint Optimization
ControlUp allows you to see and maintain the health of your physical endpoints that run Windows, Linux, or macOS.

Synthetic Monitoring
Test and report the availability of your end-user computing virtual apps, VDI desktops & your web-, and network-based resources all from a single place

Historical Analysis
Powerful data analytics, detailed reporting, and actionable findings—right out of the box—with no hardware or operational investment.
“Work from anywhere has become the industry standard for our Enterprise customers. Today we are able to support this demanding requirement at scale with ControlUp Edge DX. This new capability helps us deliver a best-in-class digital experience for all our customers.”
Jaymes Davis | Director of Product Strategy, Tehama

Only ControlUp gives you and your team the tools you need to observe, analyze, and optimize digital experiences anytime, anywhere, and on any workspace.
Learn why customers choose ControlUp over Nexthink.

Automated Remediation
Increase IT efficiency by leveraging machine learning and automation
  • AI-driven insights to help proactively manage end-user experience
  • Triggered-based troubleshooting leading to faster helpdesk ticket resolution
  • Automate tedious tasks that would otherwise slow down employee experience issues
Digital Employee Experience Monitoring
Increase employees’ productivity by optimizing the digital employee experience
  • Real-time monitoring of virtual desktop environments
  • Made for the work-from-anywhere scenarios
  • Quickly identify and solve digital experience issues
Remote Worker Visibility
Provide visibility into how IT assets are being used in the work-from-anywhere era
  • Remote user experience monitoring with real-time insights
  • Visibility into the overall health of the end-user compute environment
  • End-to-end digital experience monitoring from the physical device into the data center
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