RunAsGUI (Free)

RunAsGUI by Smart-X is another tool in the sys admin toolbox, helping optimize your everyday work, and help you manage your system efficiently and productively. With RunAsGUI you can solve scenarios such as

  • A specific application which runs on desktop computers (which are always connected to the LAN) requires administrative credentials in order to run properly.
  • A specific application which runs on both laptop and desktop machines requires administrative credentials in order to run properly. The application is also used when the computers are offline
  • You are in a middle of Active Directory Domain migration. Users are logging in with their account in the target domain and one of the applications requires running under the context of a user account from the source domain. The application is running on Terminal Servers

RunAsGUI let you configure execution parameters, save them in an encrypted configuration file (RAG extension), distribute it to end users and run applications, scripts and commands using the configuration file. RunAsGUI is now also available as part of the expanding actions gallery of ControlUp – the revolutionary Super-Console for end points, VDI and terminal server performance management by Smart-X

Current version1.3.2.0
Release dateApril 22, 2009
File size7.16 MB

Admin Configuration Wizard: ·         Windows XP or higher version ·         .Net Framework 2.0 SP1 
Client Utility: ·         Windows 2000 or higher version.