Posted By Melissa Case

What’s the Buzz About Scoutbees?

May 26, 2020

Scoutbees: Proactively Monitor Your Business App Availability Now, more than ever, it’s vital that your EUC environment—VDI endpoints, network appliances, and corporate published resources—are operating at optimal levels. With the global workforce now working from home, it’s imperative that logon durations are quick and that published resources are available for your end-users when they need […]
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Active Application, Application Title and URL Metrics in ControlUp
Posted By Joel Stocker
May 20, 2020
The ControlUp Real-Time Console provides a live look at over 900 metrics and data points across a host of endpoints, including hypervisors, Citrix and VMware EUC platforms, machines, IGEL devices, Citrix Networking appliances—and more—in your environment. Many of these are also available as historical and trending data through our dashboards and reports in ControlUp Insights. […]
ControlUp 8.1.5: Improving Session Visibility
Posted By Trentent Tye
May 18, 2020
ControlUp 8.1.5 has dropped and is available for download now! For a small release, this is a big one! ControlUp has developed some exciting new features to give you more visibility into your end users and their Citrix or VMWare Horizon sessions. Back in August 2016, when I was a tech, we experienced a sudden […]
Page File Usage by ControlUpand Citrix WEM
Posted By Peter Nap
May 12, 2020
At ControlUp, we get a lot of questions about increased page file usage and pages per second. First, let’s take a look at the definition of the page file according to Microsoft: “Page files enable the system to remove infrequently accessed modified pages from physical memory to let the system use physical memory more efficiently […]
Ensuring Business Continuity with ControlUp
Posted By Tom Fenton
May 06, 2020
In a recent article, I discussed using GPUs in virtual desktops and how to monitor their usage using the ControlUp Real-Time Console. With the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, more and more power users are working remotely and are using virtual desktop technology (VDI) to complete their day-to-day tasks. These power users need to use multiple […]
Script of the Month – April 2020
Posted By Trentent Tye
April 30, 2020
We all know that it’s getting harder and harder to tell what day—or even what month!—it is anymore, but we checked, and it’s time for ControlUp’s Script of the Month (and there was much rejoicing). Did you know? ControlUp welcomes script submissions from members of our user community! It’s true. We love to see what […]
Horizon 7 Version 7.12 and ControlUp
Posted By Tom Fenton
April 29, 2020
The latest release from VMware is jam-packed with new features and enhancements, and ControlUp is the perfect tool for you to make the most of them. ControlUp is a perfect complement to the new features in Horizon 7.12 and Horizon Client 5.4. So, today, I want to show you, step-by-step, what’s changed and how you […]
7 Tips to Save IT Resources in Times of Need
Posted By Ton de Vreede
March 31, 2020
With the current global situation, pressure on remote working environments has increased substantially. Cloud bursting is an option, but reportedly even Azure is cracking at the seams, and it is not likely to be a lot better at Amazon or Google. You may just have to work with what you have right now. This post […]
Your SSD Drives May Brick After 40,000 Hours
Posted By Tom Fenton
March 30, 2020
On 2020-03-20, HPE issued customer bulletin a00097382en_us (located here) which states: HPE SAS Solid State Drives – Critical Firmware Upgrade Required for Certain HPE SAS Solid State Drive Models to Prevent Drive Failure at 40,000 Hours of Operation. The HPE bulletin further states: After the SSD failure occurs, neither the SSD nor the data can […]
VMware Horizon and ControlUp: GPU
Posted By Tom Fenton
March 26, 2020
Introduction Virtual desktops are becoming more common in firms within industries like engineering, medical, and entertainment, where users view and process visual images or video – and need the power of a graphics processing unit (GPU) to accomplish their daily tasks. Fortunately, modern virtual desktop infrastructures (VDI), such as VMware Horizon, support virtual desktops with […]
COVID-19 and Healthcare IT Business Continuity
Posted By Trentent Tye
March 24, 2020
I worked for Alberta Health Services for seven years as a Citrix Administrator. In that role, I learned the differences between working in IT for a government entity versus a business, how to operate as efficiently as possible in a bureaucracy, and how to drive initiatives that most benefited the organization and its users. During […]
5 Tips for a Better Remote Worker Experience
Posted By Tom Fenton
March 19, 2020
Editor’s Note: this post is intended to help end-users unaccustomed to working from home to have a better overall end-user experience. Whether you are connecting remotely to a virtual desktop or physical PC (see my article here), there are few things that you can do to make your session more productive. I’ve worked from home […]
Enabling Remote Access toPhysical Machines
Posted By Tom Fenton
March 18, 2020
Introduction With the recent onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are being asked by their companies to work from home as much as possible to minimize the risk of spreading or contracting the disease, which may pose significant logistical issues for some employees. For instance, in a recent discussion I had with a coworker, […]
The Challenge of Going Remote from an End-User’s Perspective
Posted By Leeza Malachevsky
March 17, 2020
Editor’s Note: This post is from Leeza Malachevsky, ControlUp’s events manager. Last month I took the trip of a lifetime to Japan amidst growing concerns of novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Since I returned, the threat of the virus has grown at an exponential rate, with ControlUp being among the many companies taking precautions by asking employees […]