Analyze GPO Extensions Load Time
Analyze Logon Duration
List user GPOs
Calculate User Profile Size
List User’s Printers
Analyze High Latency Issues
Analyze HDX Bandwidth
Get PVS Write Cache Size
List User’s Mapped Network Drives
List Computer GPOs
Citrix Auditlog
HDX Connectivity Health
Analyze XenDesktop Logon Duration
Show All GPO Results
IE: URL for specific PID
ICA Session RoundTripTime
List redirected user folders
Identify associated Windows services
Logoff session
Show established network sessions
MS Patch check for Citrix
Display DLLs loaded by process
Show modules loaded by process
Disable XenApp Logons
Enable XenApp Logons
Get PVS Target Device Retries
AD Health Check
Show page file information
Get Citrix MCS RAM / Disk Cache Usage
Display SvcHost processes
Remote PowerShell to Computer
Show frequent error events
Show GPO logon scripts
Get XenApp 7.x Load Index
Capture Network IO for process
Network Reset
Find Folder Redirection Errors
Unlock Account
Check if a Windows Update is installed
PowerShell example 2
Change XenApp Logon Mode
Enable XenDesktop Maintenance Mode
Disable XenDesktop Maintenance Mode
Register in DNS
Adjust Process Priority based on Session State
Disable DEP
Rebuild Performance Counters
Cleanup Windows Update client
Trim Process Working Sets
Citrix Version Details
Recreate LHC
Find Duplicate DNS entries
Citrix Provisioning Services 7.8 Farm Check
Clean Windows system drive
Reset User Password
Citrix PVS Reset Machine Account Password
Start ICA Desktop session
PowerShell example 1
Get user’s SID
Show HDX Adaptive Transport protocol
Run procmon and sample file access
Enable WinRM
Show top network destinations by traffic volume
List all XenDesktop VMs in Maintenance Mode
Add to a group
Sample and display CPU core usage
List all Unregistered Powered-on XenDesktop VMs
PCoIP Bandwidth Usage Details
Show window titles
Send e-mail
Find Computer and Domain SID
Computer Certificate Expiration Check
Process CPU Usage Limit
Show top network sources by traffic volume
Remote Windows Computer Management
Enable PSRemoting
Show zombie processes
Restart VMware VM
Terminate process
Get User AD Group Membership
Kill Process by Force (PSKill)
RDS Drain Sessions
Add Server to a XenApp Worker Group
Open VMware Remote Console
Clean User Temp folder
Analyze drive contents with WinDirStat
Restart computer with CU Agent
Show disk usage per folder
Disable Account(s)
Show network connections
FSLogix Log Parser
Enable Account
Get NetScaler System Statistics
Reset User Password – VBS
Show top network destinations by traffic volume (session)
Get NVIDIA vGPU Performance Metrics
Log off disconnected sessions
Remove Server from a XenApp Worker Group
Show network connections established in session