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Take control of your digital workspace environment end-to-end AND make your end-users happy with their experience. Join Eugenia Schipelliti, Jeff Johnson as they interview industry leaders, customers, and tech gurus on how ControlUp is the simplest, most cost-effective way to observe, analyze and optimize your employees’ digital experience. They’ll help you understand the technology, trends in the industry, and best practices with digital workspaces so you can understand how to keep your end-users happy and helpdesk tickets down. Subscribe, listen in, and be in the know with The Upload!

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Eugenia Schipelliti:

Latest Episodes:

September 13, 2023

In this episode, Tom and Jeff talk about VMware Explore and some big announcements like Jed Ayres becoming the new CEO of ControlUp AND the big ControlUp party. This podcast is fast, fun, and free.

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July 18, 2023

Learn new and amazing enhancements with the latest release of Real-Time DX. (Spoiler alert: something to do with macOS and other great things)

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July 11, 2023

This episode discusses how the digital employee experience is not just for employees. Everyone wants DEX, but in many cases, IT must focus on optimizing their department before deploying a DEX solution.

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July 7, 2023

In this episode, we talk about optimizing IT to close support tickets faster and have fewer tickets, leading to a better experience for both IT and end users.

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June 30, 2023

Discover the similarities and differences between Microsoft Intune and ControlUp Edge DX.

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June 6, 2023

Women have found remarkable success in the tech industry, though their journey has been far from smooth. Countless narratives exist that recount the challenges faced by women in tech. In this episode, we delve into the experiences of the Women of ControlUp, highlighting their journey of advancement and professional growth within a technology company that men have traditionally dominated.

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March 2, 2023

In this episode, we will discuss how ControlUp can help the helpdesk solve issues faster, proactively fix users’ issues by following the red and escalate fewer tickets to Tier 2.

  1. Real-Time Monitoring: ControlUp provides real-time monitoring and alerting of the IT infrastructure, including servers, applications, and user sessions. This helps the helpdesk to identify and resolve issues before they impact end-users proactively.
  2. Troubleshooting: The platform provides detailed insights into the performance of IT systems and applications. Helpdesk teams can use these insights to identify the root cause of issues and resolve them quickly.
  3. Remote Management: ControlUp allows helpdesk teams to remotely manage and troubleshoot end-user devices, including desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. This enables helpdesk teams to resolve issues without needing to be physically present.
  4. Automation: The platform supports the automation of routine IT tasks, such as patch management and software deployment. This helps the helpdesk to free up time for more critical tasks, such as resolving complex issues.
  5. Collaboration: ControlUp provides a collaborative environment where helpdesk teams can work together to resolve issues. Team members can share insights and communicate in real-time to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.
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January 12, 2023

In this version (episode) of the Upload, Eugenia and Jeff discuss Customer Success with Yair Bortinger. Listen and learn about how technological advancements in customer success bring relevant content to customers when they need it and how they want it – Yair even received a CS award for this new tech.

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