VMware Horizon monitoring

Full-stack visibility for VMware Horizon EUC environments

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ControlUp solutions for VMware Horizon

ControlUp's VMware Horizon solution identifies, resolves, and prevents complex issues in real-time, reducing MTTR and providing unmatched support for your EUC environment.

Common VMware challenges

VMware Horizon is complex to troubleshoot

ESXi, storage, networks, and endpoints needed for Horizon need to work together to ensure employees stay productive. When Horizon has a problem it takes expertise and time to find and fix.

68% of employees indicate tech disruptions are impacting productivity [1]

We Know VMware Horizon

As a leading VMware Horizon monitoring provider, ControlUp offers direct insights into critical data and automated remediation that solves issues before the helpdesk receives a ticket.

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ControlUp benefits for VMware

Reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) for VMware Horizon.

Supporting all the components of a Horizon environment is complicated. ControlUp monitors and remediates your end-to-end Horizon environment such as ESXi, vCenter, Horizon connection server, virtual desktops, virtual applications, and endpoint device connectivity.

ControlUp for Horizon provides:

  • Real-time performance monitoring
  • Contextual troubleshooting
  • Automation remediation
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Detect and fix home network issues for Horizon

Home networking is invisible to IT and can be unreliable, slow, or misconfigured. ControlUp collects home Wi-Fi and LAN data to alert IT when the home network is affecting the Horizon experience.

ControlUp for Horizon provides:

  • PCoIP and Bast protocols
  • Remote network performance metrics
  • Endpoint device information
  • Multiple operating system support
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Monitor availability of Horizon critical resources

Horizon users depend on the availability of Horizon virtual desktops, applications, and network resources. ControlUp performs synthetic transaction monitoring across all resources to provide early detection and warning of issues affecting productivity.

ControlUp for Horizon provides:

  • Notifications when resources are unavailable
  • Horizon-based VDI and DaaS applications testing
  • Web apps and services, as well as critical network resource testing
  • Detailed test results and reporting
  • Custom alerting and notifications
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Detect and fix Horizon slow logons

Slow logons effect the digital experience and can happen in both Horizon virtual desktops and applications. ControlUp automatically detects slow logons and provides IT the tools to remediate the problem.

ControlUp for Horizon provides:

  • Automatic detection
  • Alerting IT
  • Identification of the bottleneck
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Integrate with vRealize Operations (vROps)

VMware vROps analyzes the overall health of a VMware solution. ControlUp vROps management pack gives customers greater details of the Horizon EUC environment.

ControlUp management pack provides vROps:

  • End-to-end visualization of the EUC environment
  • Custom dashboard
  • Is free for customers that have vRealize Operations 8.4 Advanced or Enterprise, vRealize Suite, or vRealize Cloud Universal
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Fix issues faster with VMware action scripts

Don’t reinvent the wheel. ControlUp has 40+ scripts built by ControlUp developers and a community of ControlUp users that do everything from listing Horizon administrators, to recover provisioning for Horizon linked clone pools.

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