VMware Horizon monitoring

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Monitor, Troubleshoot & Remediate the Full VMware Stack

ControlUp’s native integration with VMware Horizon gives Horizon administrators full-stack visibility—from the processes on a virtual desktop to the processes on a VDI client and everything in between—to their Horizon environment. This visibility ranges. Having unmatched insights into your environment from a simple, elegant console allows Horizon administrators to detect, troubleshoot, and remediate the root cause of issues in their environment, regardless of the source!

Improved User Experience

Employee experience is paramount to the acceptance of VDI; anything that detracts from it will frustrate your users and lead to lost productivity. A poor user experience can be caused by many factors, including excessive logon or application launch times, high protocol latency, or restricted bandwidth. ControlUp provides early detection of issues that impact user experience, and allows administrators to quickly find the root cause of issues and fix them or, with the use of ControlUps self-healing functionality, solve issues without an administrator's intervention.

Simplify Management

ControlUp offers a wide variety of powerful multi-target management actions and a Script Actions platform that allows self-healing and automated remediation of issues. ControlUp’s dashboard gives Horizon administrators unparalleled control of their environment through the use of built-in, script, and automated actions.

Proactive Troubleshooting

ControlUp makes it possible to identify and correct issues that may cause problems for your users. This includes finding Horizon machines booting from the wrong snapshot, analyzing logon duration, analyzing Blast and PCoIP sessions, freeing up resources from idle desktops, and automatically giving critical processes a higher CPU priority.

Multiple Deployments, One Console

In today's modern workspace, desktops can be deployed from a number of different sources. ControlUp supports Horizon 7 and 8, Horizon RDSH, Horizon Cloud, Horizon VMC Cloud on AWS, Horizon Cloud on Microsoft Azure, Horizon Cloud on IBM Cloud and other desktop and application sources. ControlUp’s all-inclusive dashboard provides a unified view of every virtual machine and user session in your environment and allows you to take action from the same console, uniting all your deployments in a single view.

Extensive Reporting & Analytics

The unexpected change to global remote work has stressed VDI resources beyond their intended capabilities. Being able to see, in real time, the condition of your infrastructure is and, more importantly, how it impacts user experience has never been more important. ControlUp Insights aggregates data over the course of a year, to give you in-depth visibility into experience trends, so you can proactively plan how to deal with issues before they affect your uses. ControlUp Insights offers a wide array of reports, including user activity, user experience, application activity, resource consumption—including hosts, servers, and even processes data—and system health.

Bridging the gap with ControlUp

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