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Our values

We owe a lot of our success as a company to our culture. We take culture seriously.
Simply put, we’re not about hierarchy –we’re about results. Here are our keystone values:

Good vibes

And boy do we have them! We believe in the importance of an environment based on positive energy. Inspiring us to bring our best self to work and freedom to be our unique selves without apology. We care about each other.

In it together

We’re all in the same boat; each contribution moves us closer towards our destination. We’ll take one for the team, because we know the team will take one for us. We believe the whole is worth much more than the sum of its parts.

Open minded

We’re willing to listen to other people and consider new ideas, suggestions, and opinions. We can re-evaluate existing behaviors, thought-patterns, and re-shape our way of thinking because we’re flexible.

Own it

We’re responsible for completing our assigned tasks effectively; intrinsically motivated to follow up and follow through to get the job done. Ownership delivers results, pride in our accomplishments, and learning from mistakes.

Always approachable

“No-jerk” policy! We believe in being friendly, welcoming and positively open to feedback, advice, ideas and all types of communication coming from anyone in the company. Everyone should be approachable to consult, help or just say “hi!”.

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