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Small Scale IT Environments
One Day Data Retention
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Large IT Environments
One Month Data Retention
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Advanced IT Environments
One Year Data Retention
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All Features of Platinum + Solve + Automation + Synthetic Testing
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Available as add-on
Modern Web-UI
Real-time Customized Dashboard and widgets
Enterprise grade scalability
Enhanced accessibility
Dynamic Topology
Intelligent Drill Downs
Supports Multi-tenancy environments
Folder (Farm) Grid
Hosts Grid
Computers Grid
Computers Grid
Sessions Grid
Accounts Grid
Applications Grid
NetScalers Grid
Aggregated Stress Level Customization
Events Aggregation and Filtering
Monitor Service
Incident Triggers
E-mail Alerts
Built-in Real-time Metrics
Logon Phase Drill Downs
Logon Simulator
App Load Time
Application Profiler
Built-in Management Actions
Extendable Script Actions
Registry Controller
Services Controller
File System Controller
Programs and Updates Controller
Remote Desktops Manager
Partially Included
Security Policy and Permission Delegation
Shared Configuration
Multi Tenancy Support
Multiple AD Forest Support
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UX Dynamic Optimization
Automatic Remediation
Augmented Troubleshooting
Resource Allocation Optimization
Partially Included
Top Insights Dashboard
Sizing Recommendation
Environment Assessment
User Activity Reports
User Experience Reports
Application Activity Reports
Resource Consumption Reports
System Health Reports
Licensing Reports
Reports Drill Down
Incident Analytics
Benchmarking Data Layer
Auto Schedule and Export Reports
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EUC Availability Tests
Network Tests
Internal Tests
External Tests
Support For Gateways With 2FA
Support For Gateways With 2FA
Data Retention
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ControlUp can monitor and manage a wide variety of resources/objects in the virtual and/or physical datacenters.

ControlUp continuously counts the total number of objects that are currently being monitored, and requires a number of licenses that adequately cover the size of the environment.

  1. Agent based Managed VMs/Computers – These are VMs and/or computers in which a ControlUp agent is running.
    1. XenApp/TS/RDSH Servers – The number of peak concurrent sessions that are running on the XenApp/TS/RDSH servers.
    2. Workstations / VDI – 1 license per windows workstation, virtual or physical (whether there is a user session or not on that VM/Computer).
    3. Other Windows Servers – 1 license per windows server OS, virtual or physical.
  2. Agentless Managed VMs/cloud instances – These are VMs and/or cloud instances that are monitored via the hypervisor API and/or XenDesktop Broker API and/or cloud connection API with no ControlUp agent running on that VM / Cloud instance.
    1. Agentless Managed VM (Windows or Linux) – 1 license per powered on agentless managed VM.
    2. Cloud Instances (Windows or Linux) – 1 license per running cloud instance.
  3. Netscaler Appliances – 1 device license per managed appliance (Note that Netscaler appliances licenses are separate from the agent based managed VMs and the agentless managed VMs)

For example, if you are monitoring a XenApp farm on which 800 user sessions are currently running and in addition you monitor 300 VDI workstations and 400 VMs as well as 5 Netscaler appliances you will need a total license of 1500 licensed objects (800 + 300 + 400) plus 5 Netscaler appliances licenses.

Sure you can.

After registration, you will get immediate access to all ControlUp features for 21 days. During your trial period there are no limitations on the number of sessions you can monitor. As your trial period expiration approaches, ControlUp will automatically notify you and recommend the right package. You can extend your ControlUp trial by recommending ControlUp to admins in other organizations. For every admin* who registers with ControlUp as the result of your recommendation, we will extend your free trial by 10 days (50 days max).

*Qualifying referred administrator has to be the first administrator in an organization who did not open ControlUp in the past

We offer annual and multi annual billing, we accept credit card payments as well as purchase orders. Our plans have the option of paper invoicing. Contact us for details.

You can cancel your account at any time before your next billing period. You won’t be charged for the next period of service.

You can view your current license usage in the licensing window within ControlUp. Click the “About” button on the Help ribbon and then click the “Licensing” button.