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ControlUp Solutions for Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops

Managing a Citrix environment can be time-consuming and complex, with issues that can impact performance and user experience. ControlUp's real-time monitoring tools allow IT teams to identify and diagnose issues promptly, highlighting challenges as they arise. By leveraging ControlUp's monitoring and remediation capabilities, IT teams can improve Citrix performance and enhance organizational productivity, ultimately ensuring optimal user experience.

Common Citrix challenges

End user experience

When Citrix applications are slow, identifying the root cause can be challenging and time-consuming. However, ControlUp's metrics provide

rapid insight into the endpoint, network, and level of interactivity of the application, resulting in an improved end-user experience.

Only 20% of employees feel supported when troubleshooting tech [1]

Experience Citrix’s Potential

ControlUp has the proven experience in monitoring Citrix environments with extensive data monitoring and customization.

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ControlUp benefits for Citrix

Solve Citrix slow logons
Solve slow logons

The responsibility of Citrix administrators is to ensure that end-users can access resources quickly and efficiently. However, understanding the root causes of delays in logon durations can be challenging. ControlUp addresses this challenge by measuring various logon phases, including the time it takes to process group policies or load user-profiles and breaking the process down into trackable steps. By adopting this approach, administrators can gain clear and actionable insights into the underlying causes of logon delays.

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Real-time Citrix performance monitoring
Real-time Citrix performance monitoring

ControlUp seamlessly integrates with Citrix environments and provides a wide range of performance metrics in a single dashboard. It connects to and monitors various Citrix components, such as Citrix ADC appliances, Citrix Cloud, published applications, Citrix Delivery Controller services, and Citrix-specific metrics, providing administrators with a comprehensive understanding of the health and performance of their environment.

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Close CVAD tickets faster
Close CVAD tickets faster

ControlUp provides consolidated and logical views of complex environments, enabling effective remediation capabilities for prompt and precise interventions. Citrix administrators can swiftly identify elements such as the Windows registry, file system, services, and installed programs and updates that may cause application failures using ControlUp. With this capability, ControlUp empowers administrators to take swift and targeted action to address issues and minimize downtime.

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Proactive Citrix apps and desktop monitoring

ControlUp provides IT teams managing Citrix environments with comprehensive visibility into the health and availability of Citrix end-user computing environments through continuous synthetic testing. It also sends real-time alerts when the availability of Citrix virtual applications and desktops is affected. IT teams can address issues before they become critical and impact productivity.

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Optimize your Citrix environment with automation
Optimize your Citrix environment with automation

ControlUp's automation platform enables automation in response to triggers set on metrics or objects, allowing administrators to create custom automation tailored to their environment and address issues before they become problematic. Examples of this include reducing resource consumption of idle or disconnected sessions, automatically fixing VDAs that are not registered, cleaning the system drive if free space becomes limited, and more. These automated tasks help streamline operations and minimize the need for manual intervention.

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ControlUp integrates with key Citrix technology
ControlUp integrates with key Citrix technology

ControlUp integrates with various Citrix technologies, such as Citrix Cloud, Citrix Hypervisor, Citrix ADC, Citrix Licensing, and more, ensuring that ControlUp supports all the essential Citrix technologies required to run virtualized workloads. This broad compatibility enables administrators to manage and monitor their Citrix environments effectively and efficiently.

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