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Beta type: Limited

Timeline: Dec-Jan

Features available:

New Features and Enhancements in Version 9.0:

AD-Independent Monitors: 

  • Monitors can now be deployed on machines without Active Directory dependency. If installed on a workgroup machine, UPNs are no longer used. Security policy roles can be configured with email addresses.
  • PowerShell Installation: For organizations on the DEX platform (app.controlup,com), ControlUp Monitors can be installed on any workgroup PC using PowerShell, with communication requirements similar to regular monitors. Learn more on how to upgrade to the new Dex platform.

Built-in Folder Synchronization:

  •  Real-Time Console now has built-in folder synchronization for AVD, CVAD, Horizon, and Citrix Cloud. This eliminates the need for importing PowerShell sync scripts and allows synchronization without scheduling triggers. 

Additional Features and Enhancements

  • New holistic disk navigation in Solve
  • Monitor specific details about the FSLogix log file with the new columns Office Log File Size and Profile Log File Size in the Real-Time Console and Solve.
  • New columns for Azure budgets in the Real-Time Console and Solve.
  • New columns for Citrix License triggers in the Real-Time Console and Solve.
  • Updated columns for CVAD triggers in the Real-Time Console.
  • You can now use the State column as a trigger in the NetScaler STAs view in the Real-Time Console.

Various of bug fixes

Beta type: Limited

Timeline: Aug - Sep

Use the Web Transaction Scout to test the websites or SaaS web applications that you depend on and be alerted as soon as something isn’t functioning correctly. The Scout simulates a user’s interaction with a website. While performing the predefined interactions, the Scout checks that the website is working as expected, and detects errors such as slow loading times.

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