ControlUp Beta Program

Be among the first to explore what is coming from Controlup! You will get to use features and play around with new releases before anyone else.

Beta type: Limited

Timeline: Mid Mar - Mid Apr

Features available:

Solve Actions
We have added additional Solve Actions to our actions repository.

Remote DX Metrics
New Remote DX metrics have been integrated to the Real-Time DX Console and Solve.

Multi-Site Association Support
We have added an organization level setting to allow the association indexing between ControlUp Sites. By combining records from multiple sources, regardless of site assignment, it enables cross-site monitoring and improves the system’s scalability and flexibility.

Multi-Tenancy Support
ControlUp now fully supports multi-tenancy environments where MSP serves multiple tenant environments.

Azure Virtual Desktop
ControlUp can now integrate with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop to enable real-time monitoring and management of compute resources in just a few steps. The integration automatically discovers and collects comprehensive information such as Cost, Health, Configuration and other metadata on each of the following new objects:
  • Workspaces
  • Application Groups/Remote Apps
  • Host Pools
  • Session Hosts
  • Sessions
In addition to offering a wide range of new metrics, predefined actions, and drill-down relationships for easier troubleshooting and navigation, this integration supports seamless association between Session Hosts and entities from different CU extensions, virtual machine management, and more!
ControlUp now provides full visibility of FSLogix disks and VM configuration, see the relevant metrics displayed in the Real-Time Console and Solve

How do I join?

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How to get help and provide feedback

Your feedback is extremely valuable to us.

During the beta period, you can share feedback, report any bugs you find, or ask questions in our CU community on Slack under beta channel. Not a member yet? Click here to join!

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Keep an eye out for an email with further details when the beta begins.