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Version 8.2

ControlUp v8.2 Release Notes

New Features and Capabilities

Citrix Cloud
Full integration with Citrix Cloud is available for ControlUp 8.2 and up, making it possible for customers that use Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop service to monitor their EUC environment with ControlUp.

  • Cloud Connectors: You can now have an end-to-end view of your cloud connectors from any resource location, right from the ControlUp Console. For each Cloud Connector—along with the common ControlUp metrics for any machine—you can get useful information about your Cloud Connectors, such as status, version, type, and more.
  • Delivery Groups: The same Delivery Groups folder structure introduced in our integration with Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops (formerly XenApp/XenDesktop) now allows you to monitor and control your entire Citrix Cloud environment—applications, sessions, machines, and desktops.

Horizon RDSH

ControlUp can now discover Horizon RDSH components and offer real-time visibility of RDS sessions and applications.

The new RDSH objects in the Horizon integration are displayed on the tree and data grids, with drill-down relations for easy troubleshooting and navigation.

The new views include real-time metrics that display the current configuration, availability, aggregation counters, health status, and other metadata on the following new objects:

  • Application Pools
  • Farms
  • RDS Hosts
  • RDS Desktop Pools
  • RDS Sessions

Centralized Auditing (CA)
This feature is currently in Preview and we’re working hard to improve it. It’s ready for you to use but please report any issues you may encounter.

  • Documents all actions executed by ControlUp users and any changes in the product configuration.
  • Choose to save the audit log to automatically upload the auditing data to the ControlUp cloud.
  • You can also choose to save the audit log to a local Syslog server inside your network.
  • When uploading to the ControlUp Cloud, you can select enforced mode which prevents actions from being executed in ControlUp if the documenting of that action to the centralized audit log did not complete properly.

Other enhancements

  • A simpler tree structure to select Trigger scope—no more drop-down!
  • New, password-less login flow!
  • Session “Packet Loss” and “Frames Per Second” columns were enhanced to support PCoIP session metrics
  • ControlUp now treats IGEL OS over 11.04.100 as a fully supported OS. IGEL OS versions before this are now treated as a fully supported OS when used with the Custom Partition
  • ControlUp now supports SSH key-based secured credentials for Linux endpoints.

ControlUp SOLVE

ControlUp SOLVE gives you comprehensive, real-time monitoring and analysis in a hosted web application.

Accessing ControlUp via a web interface means there is less resource consumption on the endpoints that are logging in and viewing the data, giving you and your users a leaner, more performance-driven experience.

ControlUp SOLVE provides a wide range of new functionality, including:

  • Dashboard widgets that have been configured to deliver the latest, most relevant information on your environments, right out of the box.
  • Topology view of your environment that displays the relationships between components. Discovered components are displayed dynamically; you can drill down from each component to access performance information.
  • The ability to Drill down from any component in the topology or dashboard widgets with contextual navigation built from our recommendations engine.
  • Data grids from the ControlUp console with a more modern look and feel (not to mention lots of new features).

Bug Fixes

  1. (#73771) In the “Advanced trigger with email follow up” action, the “resend every” option stopped after the first time.
  2. (#76231) CU Agent high CPU consumption on VDA.
  3. (#77503) User idle time on the laptop had a counter mismatch.
  4. (#78642) CU Monitor floods the event viewer with event number 1001.
  5. Support desktop pools with the same display name.

Known issues

NOTE: Before upgrading your environment to v8.2.0.732, ControlUp recommends backing up your %appdata%\ControlUp directory by creating a copy of it and renaming it “ControlUp_old”.
This may prove useful if you need to revert to the previous version of ControlUp. Some new features require a change to the format or content of ControlUp configuration files. Therefore, if you need to downgrade ControlUp to a previous version, delete or rename the new “ControlUp” directory in %appdata% and rename the “ControlUp_old” directory to “ControlUp”.

The following is a list of known issues in the ControlUp v8.2.0.732 general release. As these issues are resolved, this document will be updated:

  1. After upgrading to 8.2, you will no longer be able to login to previous versions of ControlUp. In order to enable logins to previous versions of ControlUp, launch a ControlUp 8.1.x console and use the “Forgot Password” link to reset the account password.
  2. Centralize Auditing – some configuration changes or operations are partially reported and auditing data might be missing.
  3. The authentication in CU mobile app is changed, the access will work only for registered users on enrolled devices without password verification. We are working on a fix for this limitation.
  4. New users will not be able to register the ControlUp Mobile app if installed after deploying CU 8.2.

    • Workaround: open 8.1.5 console, reset CU user password if necessary or sign-up, enroll new mobile device for a user, pass activation in the existing app, and then use back 8.2 console. In such cases, the mobile device is registered and the app will keep working.
  5. Occasionally, the Citrix Cloud Extension might disconnect with the following error: “A task was canceled”.
  6. If a machine on which the ControlUp agent is deployed is running Windows 10 1809 and later or Server 2019 where the User Input Delay feature is enabled by default, you may encounter the list of leaked handles growing too large if the machine is up for a long time and/or with many user sessions, possibly creating unexpected issues on the OS. Workaround: disable the User Input Delay feature using the agent-side registry key.
    Read more about the workaround here.
  7. The option of launching the console with a user account that is not a domain member, normally from a workgroup computer, is not supported in this version of the ControlUp Console.
  8. For the Horizon Connection server, the ‘HZ Max Connection Count’ column might be wrong.
  9. When adding folders using ControlUp PowerShell commands, an error message might be displayed when the folders were successfully created.
  10. Centralized Auditing

  11. Some audit log entries may not appear in the Syslog output.
  12. When working in the Security Policy Pane, if a Role name is edited AND it’s members are modified, the new role members may not appear in the audit log.
  13. If an automated action is run and reported to the audit log, it’s completion action may not appear in the audit log. For SOLVE, the action may continue to be displayed as “initialized” even if it has completed. In Syslog, the initialized action is logged but it’s matching completed action may not be logged.
  14. The Details field of some audit log entries may have formatting issues.
  15. The Details field of audit log entries of Incident Triggers may be unclear or missing details.
  16. Some audit log entries may have unclear activity names.
  17. ControlUp SOLVE

  18. To use ControlUp SOLVE, all monitors in your ControlUp Monitor Cluster must have network access and DNS resolution to the domain controllers of the logged in user’s domain.
  19. ControlUp SOLVE does not support Integrated Windows Authentication when using a proxy server for the Monitors.
  20. To use SOLVE with NTLM proxy authentication for the Monitors, contact ControlUp support
  21. When drilling down into Horizon or Citrix sessions, if the machine does not have a ControloUp agent, SOLVE topology might get stuck when loading.
  22. When drilling down into the Citrix site, Delivery Groups may not be displayed.

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