Desktop and application monitoring, troubleshooting and remediation

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At the core, every business has VIP users, who require special care and attention. Our aim is to simplify your life by assisting you in resolving desktop support issues now. We’ll give you the tools to find and fix problems, and even reduce IT support expenses.

Fix Problems Faster

Rapidly resolve desktop, network, and application issues for up to 50 VIPs

Fix Problems Automatically

Identify and programmatically fix issues before VIP users even notice them

Fix Problems For Free

Streamline troubleshooting software by consolidating them into a user-friendly web console

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What’s included in the 50-User VIP Pack?

ControlUp Edge DX Enterprise
  • Enroll up to 50 desktop devices
  • Based on our Edge DX product
  • ControlUp and community support
Device Experience Monitoring
  • Real-time performance metrics
  • User experience monitoring
  • Windows, macOS and Linux
Troubleshooting & Remediation
  • Proactive alerting & remediation
  • Remote control and shadow
  • Remediation script actions