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Powerful analytics, detailed reporting and actionable findings—right out of the box—with no hardware or operational investment.

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In IT, data rules all. With powerful analytics, ControlUp Insights gives your team the information they need to plan effectively, optimize resources, and monitor the health of your systems, so you can deliver the best possible user experience.
Top Insights

The Top Insights dashboard summarizes daily key findings through widgets that highlight anomalies in your environment, key performance indicators (KPI), as well as other metrics that could negatively impact performance of your environment.

To dive deeper and investigate the information presented in the widgets, you can simply click on it and the relevant report or dashboard is displayed. Performance metrics in this dashboard provide comparative information against your own environment averages, as well as how it compares to the Global Benchmark, consisting of anonymized data we aggregate for all ControlUp customers.

Sizing Recommendations

The Sizing Recommendations dashboard in ControlUp Insights is an essential tool for right-sizing the monitored machine resources in your environment. Using real CPU and RAM usage data collected through the ControlUp Agent, it provides you with recommendations for increasing or decreasing assigned CPU and RAM to your machines, taking out the guesswork when sizing your workloads.

In an EUC environment, this results in a more efficient use of valuable host resources. The dashboard provides you with a high-level view of your environment, as well as a list of all monitored machines with usage details and recommendations on a per-machine basis.

User Experience & Activity

From logon duration to latency to individual session performance and usage information, ControlUp Insights has a wide variety of built-in reports that provide you with relevant data to troubleshoot user experience issues, using data collected over the course of a year.

In addition to key performance indicators on Logon Duration, Protocol Latency, Bandwidth Usage, and Application Load Time, ControlUp Insights keeps a complete log of user sessions—whether you use persistent or non-persistent machines—with detailed information about connectivity status (e.g. active, idle, disconnected), application launches, and performance graphs for the duration of a user’s session

Infrastructure Health

ControlUp Insights System Health reports give you historical data insights for key performance metrics and trending information for both your hypervisor hosts and the machines you monitor with ControlUp. These big data sets can help you not only understand and troubleshoot past performance issues, the trending information can be used to forecast when you need to scale up or scale out your environment. The monthly Top Windows Errors report can further aid IT administrators to pinpoint issues in the environment and help increase overall stability of your machines.

Application Usage

ControlUp Insights offers a variety of reports that give you in-depth information about what applications—as well as when, how long, and how often—are being used by your users. In addition to usage statistics, these reports provide key performance statistics for applications, such as CPU, RAM and I/O usage for your applications and for the different application versions that exist in your environment.

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