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End-User Support & Remote Assistance

The multitude and complexity of technologies in your VDI environment make agile and effective end-user support a daunting task. We know how important end-user happiness is, and therefore take support and remote assistance very seriously. Your help desk personnel get a full range of troubleshooting capabilities to support your end-users – all within the larger context provided by ControlUp Console’s comprehensive real-time visibility into your virtual network.

Remote Systems Management

With just a few clicks you can remotely control your environment and execute a comprehensive set of built-in management tasks simultaneously on multiple servers, hosts, computers, or users.

ControlUp real-time actions are performed instantly and in parallel, without the need to hop between multiple windows or repeatedly clicking tiresome confirmation prompts. An instant report of the action results is especially useful when an action is performed on multiple targets.

Script-based Management

Script Based Actions (SBAs) allow you to extend ControlUp’s toolbox of management actions. You can use PowerShell, VBScript, or CMD to create your own SBAs and share them not only with the rest of your organization, but also with the community at large. Or you can piggyback our app-store like scripts library and download any of the several hundred scripts contributed by other members of the ControlUp community and IT experts to keep expand your console troubleshooting and management capabilities.

Windows Registry Controller

Editing Windows registry settings can become a time-consuming task, especially if registry hives need to be changed for multiple remote users and computers. Using the Registry Controller you can manage multiple machine registries as if you were managing a single computer registry. Operations such as create, delete or edit registry values on both computer hives (HKLM) and user hives (HKCU) can be performed simultaneously on multiple targets. The differences between registry settings on different computers and users are color-coded for troubleshooting registry discrepancies in large computers and user environments.

Windows Services Controller

If you oversee multi-user environments, chances are you manage Windows Services on a daily basis. Tasks such as stopping and starting services, editing service logon properties, and startup type can quickly become mundane, especially if they need to be performed on multiple machines. Take the boring elements out of your day and easily identify differences between services’ configurations on different machines with the Services Controller color-coding system. You can then spot and fix misconfigurations and irregular behavior on the fly in any complex environment.

Security Policy

With ControlUp you can delegate administrative tasks through security policies, which is a collection of settings that determines which actions can be performed by each ControlUp user. These settings may be different for every folder in the Organization Tree, which allows for segmenting your environment into distinct areas of responsibility.

This means you can delegate permissions to support staff for specific areas in your IT Infrastructure and limit their access to other areas as needed, deciding exactly which actions they have access to and which actions are blocked out for them. different roles.

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