Scalable Monitoring with ControlUp Solve

Monitor the overall health status of your EUC environment end to end in real-time.

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The ControlUp user interface, Solve, presents a real-time end-to-end dashboard of the health of your EUC environment. Quickly drill down to the users' session process level to monitor specific information within your infrastructure. Delivered as a SaaS application, ControlUp Solve is easily accessible with the proper security credentials. It is designed for organizations of any size and audience, from IT admins to help desk teams.
Ease of Navigation at Scale

ControlUp's topology view offers an intuitive visual representation of the different layers in virtualization and EUC stacks. It makes it possible to quickly navigate and correlate resources in an organization with just a single click. Role-based control, SAML authentication, and detailed auditing capabilities mean ControlUp is ready for any Enterprise organization.

Detailed Customizable Grids

Telemetry and information in ControlUp's detailed grids are updated every few seconds, delivering a real-time view of the state of the EUC environment. Color-coded metrics show the environment's status to identify issues quickly. The detailed grid columns are configurable per user, with advanced search and filter capabilities to ensure the appropriate information is visible.

Real-Time Health Status

TThe ControlUp user interface presents the overall health status of an entire EUC environment from end to end in real-time. Hover over any widget to see additional details or click to navigate to specific dashboards for that object. Showing the entirety of the monitored environment by default, the slide-out navigation menu allows for a quick view of the health status for any aspect of the environment.

Custom Health Dashboards

ControlUp can create custom health dashboards for sharing with others in an organization. The custom dashboards widgets provide ample opportunity to develop visualizations that contain multiple metrics in a single chart for quick data correlation. ControlUp also offers video display support for large-screen displays in IT command centers.

Bringing Real-Time and Historical Data Together

ControlUp provides a comprehensive solution enabling a one-click, three-day historical view of select metrics. This feature allows for troubleshooting complex issues or pattern analysis over more extended periods than real-time. Additionally, right-click navigation offers one month of historical data for specific objects for critical metrics. If more historical data and reports are required, head to the ControlUp Insights console for up to one year of additional data analytics insights.

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