Proactive synthetic monitoring for all your applications

Test and report the availability of your EUC virtual apps, VDI desktops & your web- and network-based resources all from a single place

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ControlUp Scoutbees is a cloud-based solution that uses continuous synthetic transaction testing to proactively alert you when the availability of your apps, desktops and network resources are impacted, no matter if these are virtual apps and desktops delivered through Citrix and VMware Horizon or if you want to monitor your network resources and web apps. Scoutbees allows IT Operations teams to quickly identify what is causing the availability issues and address them before user productivity is impacted.
Test your EUC virtual apps and desktops

With support for both Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktop and VMware Horizon, Scoutbees tests the health and availability of your published resources as often as every five minutes. You’ll have granular, end-to-end visibility into the conditions that led to any failures, as well as in-depth reporting about their duration, so your end users can stay productive.

Test Web Apps & Services and important Network Resources

If you need to keep an eye on the availability of both internal and external web sites and resources and network services such as DNS, file shares, print services or other important TCP/UDP-based resources, Network Scouts allow you to do so. With up to 1 minute test intervals, you are able to test network connectivity, test interaction with HTTP/S web services and sites and even perform traceroute tests to key locations.

Alerting & Notifications

ControlUp Scoutbees allows you address outages and availability issues before they impact user productivity. Highly customizable alert policies will notify your operations team when there are availability issues with any of your tested resources. Get alerted by email or use webhooks to integrate with existing service management or alerting platforms, so you know before your users tell you. In addition to the email alerts, the Daily Digest email will provide you with a daily overview of how all your tests are performing.

Test Results & Reporting

ControlUp Scoutbees stores up to a year’s worth of test result data. If your virtual desktop infrastructure faces recurring issues, you can easily identify and diagnose problems, and take note of connection trends and inconsistencies. It also allows you to get insights into the service availability of your most important web apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install something on-premises?

If you want to run tests from our cloud-based location, no, you don’t! The service is fully managed and Scouts are initiated from our cloud-based runners—we call them Bee Hives—which are deployed around the globe.You need only install a small Windows service (Custom Hive) on any desired machine to test internal resources.

What is the test process?

Each Scout logs into the gateway and connects to the desired published resource. Once logged in, the worker collects the enrichment data (e.g. login time, ICA RTT, and information about the underlying EUC platform for internal testing with Custom Hives), waits and then makes a graceful logoff.

How do you connect to published resources?

The same way you’d connect to any other remote user. Scoutbees Scouts connect to published resources through your Citrix Gateway, Citrix Cloud Gateway, or VMware UAG for cloud-based tests. Also connect via Citrix StoreFront and VMware Horizon Connection Server for internal resources testings with Custom Hives.

Are there any prerequisites?

For cloud-based testing or tests of public-facing gateways, resources need to be accessible through a Citrix Gateway, Citrix Cloud Gateway, or VMware UAG with HTML access enabled. If your gateway is configured with two-factor authentication, the OTP code needs to be provided in a single-step method (we support both static and TOTP codes). For testing of internal resources with Custom Hives, resources must be available through Citrix Storefront or VMware Horizon Connection Server with HTML access enabled.

Where are the Bee Hives located? Can Scouts run from my internal network?

Currently, our Bee Hives are located in two locations globally. Custom Hive components can be installed in any location (e.g. branches, internal networks, VPCs, etc.) to test connections to and from internal resources.

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