How To Manage and Monitor Nutanix AHV With ControlUp

ControlUp has always prided itself in being an agnostic and universal system, allowing IT admins to manage and monitor their various workloads and IT Infrastructure elements, regardless of their manufacturer – making room for Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and now – Nutanix. So alongside your VMware vCenter, XenServer and Hyper-V, you can now also see and manage your Nutanix AHV clusters – live, real-time metrics in the familiar ControlUp way.

Using the native Prism API, all you need to do is provide your credentials in ControlUp to connect to your AHV cluster and see the live metrics in the ControlUp console. We support Nutanix AHV clusters with version 5.5 or higher.

Alongside the standard performance metrics you would expect to see in the host management section in ControlUp, we have some AHV specific metrics, such as VM Flash Mode Enabled, showing you that there isn’t any down migration of the data from the flash tier for enabled VMs, and other AHV-specific metrics like compression and deduplication for your AHV Storage Containers.

With the Hypervisor itself, you’ll also see and manage the storage containers, under the Storage section of the ControlUp grid, allowing you to drill down from an AHV host into the VMs and the storage containers to troubleshoot or explore any issues.

Bringing Nutanix AHV into ControlUp has some delightful benefits. With the seamless inclusion of management actions and a built in platform for script based actions, the possibilities for expanding your management capabilities here are impressive. But let’s focus on the great actions available right now:

When managing your AHV hosts, you have the ability to right click and Enable/Disable maintenance mode without needing to hop over to the command line interface. Even better, you can <control> click to select multiple AHVs and execute this built-in action on any number of AHVs in one go. Once in maintenance mode, ControlUp will show you an indication that the hypervisor is in maintenance mode – currently not visible in Prism.

What’s more, using the VM power management actions within ControlUp you can batch power on or off any number of AHV VMs in one go – while in Prism you’d have to do it one at a time.

Another fun aspect of having your AHV clusters in ControlUp is the fact that you can run scripts from our script library – a few of those are in the works as we speak – and it allows you to expand your management capabilities with nearly unlimited potential through PowerShell, VBscript, or CMD batch files.

And last but not least, having your AHV clusters in ControlUp means you have triggers and alerts and can get notified about anything of interest that happens in your environment. You always know what’s going on and you are always on top of things.

Want to see a quick 15-minute demo of the feature? Click here and let us know.

Along with many new features, AHV Integration is being introduced in ControlUp 7.2.

Public beta will be coming soon, and if you want to be added to the public beta, just let us know.