Introducing Custom Dashboards for ControlUp Solve!

Introducing Custom Dashboards for ControlUp Solve!

Since we introduced ControlUp Solve earlier this year, our customers have been asking us for the ability to create custom dashboards. We listened, and we are delighted to announce that ControlUp Solve Custom Dashboards are HERE and ready to make your digital experience better than ever!

Creating custom dashboards is simple. All of the great interactive widgets used to display data in Solve’s Real-Time Health Status dashboard are available to use however you like. 

Custom dashboards in ControlUp Solve

When creating a dashboard, you can set the scope to any folder in your ControlUp organization. This is awesome because if you have multiple Citrix sites and want to display pertinent data for each in their own dashboards, now you can!

ControlUp Solve Custom Dashboards

Maybe you’d like to provide dashboards for various IT departments showing only the data related to the resources they care about or maybe you’re a VMware Horizon or Citrix admin and want to have dashboards for each virtual desktop pool in your sites. Maybe you want to share those with department managers of the users in those pools. With ControlUp Solve custom dashboards, you can do all of this and more.

Custom dashboards TV view

ControlUp’s granular role and group-based controls in the Security Policy is popular for customers particularly for providing a custom, optimized experience and workflow for their help desk agents. Many of our customers keep the ControlUp Console app open and displayed on TVs in their control centers controlled with least privilege role settings for the displays. At a distance, it can be hard to read important data displayed in the Console. But ControlUp Solve has a TV view mode (coming soon!) to make that problem a thing of the past. You can work with your help desk team to create custom dashboards with the data they care about most and it will now display beautifully.

This is just the beginning for custom dashboards. We plan to increase its capabilities to allow you to customize with any of the rich data ControlUp collects, so you can create even more powerful and useful dashboards for your organization.

Want to give Custom Dashboards a try? Join our beta program! Send an email to to get started. We’re so excited to bring new features to you, so your digital experience can be better than ever. We can’t wait to hear what you think!