Reading Between The IT Lines, Issue #5

So, what’s hot and what’s not this week in the IT world? Join me for a quick tour of who’s who and who really isn’t.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Services

Although it feels like Citrix is sort of putting more focus on their new SaaS micro apps workflow and integration engine (a recent Synergy keynote and the new design of their site can more than a hint about it), George collected all the Virtual Apps and Desktops highlights which have been announced and discussed during the show. Link

BTW, Ryan assembled a really solid list of Citrix Synergy 2019 highlights. Link

On Citrix Synergy 2019, Citrix announced the upcoming Managed Desktop service, a full DaaS solution running on Azure and managed by Citrix Cloud. Link.

Bas did a good write-up about some of the parts and ingredients of the service. Link

The beloved Citrix Optimizer has grown up to version 2.5 with tons of new features. Link


Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

How has the recent Windows 10 release (1903) impacted resource consumption? tl;dr, you need more compute and storage power. Link

PowerShell 7 was released to the first preview. GA should come around October. Link

Microsoft released the official Windows 10 20H1 ISO files. Link

All session recordings of the recent ‘PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit’ are available on YouTube. Go learn something new. ‍ Link

While Microsoft is still working on the WVD management views, there is a guy who created a simple management tool to configure your WVD deployment. Link

So you’ve decided to run Kubernetes on vSphere, cool, now what about storage? Link

Talking about Kubernetes, how did it come to conquer the world? Link


Cloud, AWS

Two weeks ago, a large portion of the sites we use daily were down due to an issue in GCP. So what really happened there? ️‍♀️ Link

A tool that lets you compare EC2 instances. Link

A beginner’s guide to AWS. Great place to start. Link

There is something here, could it be that the current Dockercontainers (and the ecosystem around it) buzz is the same as the Hadoop buzz a few years ago, and that it will eventually explode in our faces? Link



WAF through the eyes of hackers. Eye opener. Link

Python script to find open databases. ‍ Link


IT, tech and etc

City of Paris opens its own data center in order not to be dependent on the cloud. Link

A wave of M&As in the data analytics and visualization space. Google acquired Looker for $2.6B and Salesforce snatched Tableau for $15.7B. Link, Link

Wilco shares his personal experience and a recap of the latest E2EVC event. Link, Link, Link

While worldwide server shipments declined 5.1 percent year over year to around 2.6 million units, looks like Dell increased its servers market share to ~20%. Link


Expanding Horizons

An interactive graph of various technology adoption rates, super cool. Link

Short presentation of 333 slides ( ) about Internet Trends of 2019. Fascinating. Link


I hope you enjoyed my weekly roundup and found some good reads and things you weren’t aware of. See you next time!