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Desktop security is everyone’s business

Cybersecurity teams are delegating an increasing number of tasks and policies to desktop administrators to address a broadening spectrum of security challenges. These challenges include compromised device integrity, exposure to vulnerabilities, and the complexities of patch management. Desktop administrators are pivotal in shaping the computing environment’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Their responsibilities encompass user support, software deployment, hardware component oversight, system performance enhancement, and inventory control. Despite being charged with implementing security policies, desktop administrators often lack the necessary tools and visibility to verify compliance with the organization’s security standards. This gap underscores the need for a more integrated approach to security management, ensuring that administrators can enforce and validate security measures.

ControlUp’s digital employee experience (DEX) management platform has real-time data collection and correction of network, desktop, and application issues. This puts ControlUp uniquely positioned to collect and correct security issues to meet the demands of the cyber security teams.

Nearly 70% of organizations admit they have experienced at least one cyber attack through an internet-facing asset. 1

Real-time Detection

When devices, operating systems, or applications are compromised, employees lose productivity, and IT teams are forced into a reactive mode to minimize the exposure. Secure DX collects OS and application inventory to find vulnerabilities, outdated patches, and weak security settings on the device.

  • Find weaknesses and risks across hardware, operating systems, and applications.
  • Recognize which devices and applications have incorrect or non-secure settings.
  • Collecting asset inventory of security control applications (EDR, DLP, SSE, UEM).
  • Understand what devices meet industry or organizational compliance standards.
  • Report versions and usage of operating systems and applications.

Secure DX lightweight agent scans for vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, compliance, and missing patches on a schedule that meets your organization’s needs.

Enterprises using risk-based vulnerability management will suffer 80 percent fewer breaches. 2

Smart Prioritization  

Desktop and desktop security admins are overwhelmed with information overload when trying to understand the risk associated with vulnerabilities and weak security configurations on the desktop. Secure DX provides intuitive scoring and easy-to-understand risk context to ensure IT is always focused on solving its organization’s biggest cyber threats.

  • Get clear assessment scores to rank the risks and prioritize them.
  • Analyze the security risk trends to evaluate the remediation outcomes.
  • Understand exposure to issues related to misconfiguration, vulnerability, or compliance.
  • Remain within compliance with your organization’s security standards.
  • Quickly identify the endpoints that do not conform to corporate security standards.

Secure DX prioritizes work with a score that shows IT the risk to the organization if the vulnerability or misconfiguration is not remediated.

Unpatched vulnerabilities are involved in 60% of data breaches. 3

Continuous Remediation

Implementing security remediations is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to errors. Secure DX remediates desktop security issues automatically as new devices are enrolled or new vulnerabilities are identified.

  • Automatically remediating Zero-day exploits.
  • Choosing between manual or automated solutions for remediating issues
  • Use or create orchestration templates for consistent outcomes
  • Apply security policies to every device as soon as the guidelines are updated
  • Maintaining the latest versions of OS and applications with modern patch deployment

Secure DX makes scanning and remediation simple by using a wizard to determine what to scan, when to download, and when to remediate.

In an era where cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and multiply, it is paramount to empower desktop administrators with the tools and capabilities to manage security risks effectively. ControlUp’s Secure DX stands at the forefront, offering real-time detection, smart prioritization, and continuous remediation to bolster desktop security proactively. By leveraging ControlUp’s innovative platform, organizations can enhance their security posture and ensure seamless digital employee experiences. With ControlUp, desktop teams can navigate complex cybersecurity challenges confidently, resiliently, and efficiently.

Learn more about Secure DX Real-time Detection, Smart Prioritization, and Continuous Remediation, or schedule a Secure DX demo.

About the author

Eldad Viola

Serving as both the product owner and lead architect, Eldad has played a key role in bringing ControlUp’s Secure DX solution to market, from its inception to its release. Driven by a deep understanding of security practices with experience to match, he understands that the cornerstone of an effective DEX strategy and delivering a positive digital experience for employees is not achieved by compromising on endpoint security. Eldad's expertise in cybersecurity allowed him to lead the IT industry through the early stages of its growth, and he later focused on improving the security of critical national infrastructure. Additionally, Eldad has shared his knowledge by consulting with organizations worldwide to help them build and improve their resilient architectural frameworks.