We’re Back! VMware Explore 2023!

If you were able to join ControlUp at VMware Explore (formerly known as VMworld) last year in San Francisco, you know that we had a great time – our booth was packed, our sessions were full, and our after-hour party was a hootenanny! We will do it again this year at VMworld Explore 2023 in Las Vegas, baby, Vegas! 

Las Vegas

This year, as a Platinum sponsor, we will have a HUGE 30 x 30 booth #203, stuffed with the systems and staff to demonstrate our NEW digital employee experience (DEX) management platform that equips IT teams with the tools they need to quickly resolve issues, proactively prevent tickets, and minimize costs. Whether you have virtual or physical desktops, you will want to stop by our booth and check out our latest products.

Last year, we gave a sneak peek at how you can monitor and improve the user experience for unified communications (UC) applications such as Teams and Zoom. This year, it is fully integrated into our product, so stop by and see how it can maximize your users’ UC experience and productivity.

UC Screen

Also, be sure to visit our booth early, as we will have a special gift for you. Yes, we will have t-shirts and trinkets to give away, but we will also be giving away a version of our product that allows you to monitor up to 50 of your physical Windows, Linux, macOS, or thin clients! Not only does it allow you to monitor these devices, but it also allows you to remotely access them either via a shell prompt or a remote console. 

While we reserved some features for our full edition, we did include the ability to run scripts automatically or manually against the devices that you are monitoring. These scripts can be used to gather more information or correct problems. 

You only need to install a lightweight user-mode agent on the devices to use this product. That’s it! No additional infrastructure needs to be installed. All information is securely transmitted over the standard HTTPS port to and from the cloud, so no further firewall configuration is required on the device.

Last year, Trent, Yoni, Joel, and I had a great time delivering our sessions at Explore.


ControlUp loves doing live demos; we did them last year at Explore and will do them again this year. We will be keeping them fresh with a new lineup of presenters. For instance, Trentent and Dianna have a session (EUSB2939LVS) that discusses how to have a better virtual desktop experience. Jeffery (Big Deal) Johnson) and I will show you how Troubleshooting Desktops Just Got Less Expensive, Faster, and Easier! (EUS2940LVS). 

Trentent and I both have VMTN sessions. Trentent’s is a must-see, not-to-be-missed session called Speed Up Slow Horizon Logons! (VMTN2833LV). I will have a session entitled How Fat Is Your Thin Client? (VMTN2822LV) where I look at the resource utilization of various OSes used by thin clients. Seats are limited and the catalog is live so make sure to save yourself a seat.

Alastair Cooke

Our partners are also going to be having some interesting sessions. For example, Kevin G., CTO at 10ZiG, has a session on Blast (EUS2889LVS). Rich at Stratodesk will be sitting in on a session on Retail Store Modernization (INDB1270LV). Furthermore, Microsoft has a passel of sessions on Azure desktops which we can now monitor.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and no one wants to be dull, so make sure you hit ControlUp’s after-hours customer appreciation party! Last year in San Francisco, we had a blast at Thriller Social Club.


This year, pack your best red carpet outfit, as we will have our party at Brooklyn Bowl, where you will walk the red carpet with some of Las Vegas’ favorite celebrities. ControlUp and a few partners are hosting THE EUC Party of the week at Brooklyn Bowl, located on The LINQ Promenade.

If you have never been to Brooklyn Bowl, now is your chance to enjoy live music, some great games, food, drinks and swag! The party is on Tuesday, August 22, from 8-11pm and is a short 9-minute walk down the strip from the Venetian. Michelle O. assured me that it will be a great time, so make sure to sign up early, as entry is limited. Check our Explore webpage for a registration link and the latest information on ControlUp at VMware Explore.

EUC Party

I speak for the team at ControlUp, we are super excited to see you at the ControlUp booth, in the exhibition hall, at one of our sessions, or at THE EUC Party, this year at VMware Explore 2023!

To register for VMware Explore, click here. To browse the Explore catalog, click here. To see the latest about ControlUp at VMware Explore, keep an eye on our latest blogs.

About the author

Tom Fenton

Tom Fenton is a Technical Marketing manager here at ControlUp (in addition to an all-around great guy). He’s THE subject matter expert for Edge DX, our physical endpoint monitoring solution, as well as an expert in all things VMware (FACT: he used to work at VMware, teaching their employees about their technology). He creates valuable, educational content for the ControlUp blog, leads deep-dive webinars, and educates our sales teams and other IT professionals with tips and tricks about how to use ControlUp solutions. In his spare time, he writes for StorageReview.com and Virtualization Review magazine, and enjoys outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest. Connect with him on Twitter @vDoppler.