Using ControlUp to make smart solutions for the future of work

Aveniq is a managed services provider based in Switzerland that offers comprehensive IT services from a single source. Formed in June 2021 after the merger of GIA Informatik and the Avectris Group, the company’s name is a blend of “avenir”—French for “future”—and IQ, underlining the company’s ambition to inspire its customers with sustainable and smart IT solutions.

After the merger, Aveniq’s IT teams needed a replacement for their outdated, decentralized monitoring tool. The company faced challenges with having to continuously test and operate numerous heterogeneous customer environments, as well as a shortage of skilled specialists in the IT industry and the never-ending cycle of training new employees. Scalability as well as monitoring were increasingly important, and Aveniq needed fast and flexible implementation.

As a result, Aveniq’s time and resources were under pressure, there were intensive and costly test phases, and a high level of complexity due to customer, industry, and segment requirements. Their existing systems stressed their hardware resources and required continuous optimization. Furthermore, it required a lot of effort to keep employees up to date on the system requirements.

“We knew that the new solution had to adapt to our needs and offer enough flexibility,” says Patrik Vögtlin, Professional Systems Engineer at Aveniq. “We needed a centralized tool for operational support and troubleshooting. With ControlUp, we have what is important to us: high flexibility, extensibility, proactive and reactive actions (automated actions / script actions), and real-time monitoring.”

“We use ControlUp for almost all troubleshooting.”
Thomas Bäcker | Expert Systems Administrator, Aveniq

“With ControlUp, we can map all our customer needs, as well as our own, and also implement new functions,” says Thomas Bäcker, Expert Systems Administrator, Aveniq. With ControlUp, they can reduce recurring manual tasks, ensure centralized management of customer environments, guarantee evaluations on historical data, obtain information from user sessions and workloads, and quickly and easily check comparable infrastructures.

“With ControlUp, we got what was important to us: high flexibility, extensibility, proactive and reactive actions, and real-time monitoring”
Patrik Vögtlin | Professional Systems Engineer, Aveniq

“The big benefits for us are time savings because ControlUp relieves us of many repetitive tasks,” says Vögtlin. “It is application-oriented and very user-friendly. Above all, it is tailored to the technologies we use—Windows and Citrix—and so we have more tools compared to generic or distributed monitoring.”

“During the evaluation phase, we conducted a proof of concept. This was decisive for our decision. The points in the requirements catalog could be checked directly and an added value of the solution was quickly recognizable. We were also very competently supported by ControlUp in this phase,” says Bäcker. “The subsequent basic implementation was completed for us after about one week. This was because we had already tested intensively in advance and received the desired functions with the implementation. Since then, we use ControlUp for almost all troubleshooting.”

About Aveniq

Aveniq is a leading Swiss IT service provider primarily in the financial services, healthcare, industry, legal and utilities sectors. Aveniq offers its customers innovative services for the modern workplace, hybrid/ cloud solutions, SAP consulting and implementation, hyperautomation and digitalization options as well as CAD/PLM solutions and consulting services with a focus on IT infrastructure, IT security and business continuity. More than 600 employees work at the locations in Baden, Dübendorf and Oftringen.

Headquarters: Switzerland
Offices: Baden, Dübendorf, Oftringen
Founded: 2021 (after a merger)
CEO: Christophe Macherel
Employees: 650
Industry: IT / Managed Services