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ControlUp was designed to help ITOps teams operate their environment in an optimal way.
The key software modules in the ControlUp technology stack are:

Real Time Engine

The real-time engine correlates and associates multiple data types (metrics, configuration, logs, metadata and more) from multiple data sources and organizes them in high performance data sets. It utilizes an in-memory database in order to digest, associate and correlate hundreds of thousands of records in a single node.

Real Time Console

ControlUp real time console leverages the association and correlation logic of the realtime engine to generate aggregated views of multiple data sources.

ControlUp provides you a single pane of glass to see across your entire compute, storage and cloud infrastructure stack to easily drill down while maintaining the context of your original search.

Script Actions

ControlUp’s native Script Action platform allows you to expand your console capabilities either by bringing or adding your own scripts or by selecting from a growing library of hundreds of community and expert scripts.

ControlUp Automation

Combining ControlUp’s granular incident trigger mechanism with the Script Action platform is the basis for ControlUp Automation, allowing ControlUp to respond to any given scenario with the desired action. ControlUp automation paves the way to self-driven EUC operations.

ControlUp Insights

ControlUp Insights is an innovative reporting and analytics platform, which offers powerful analytics and interactive reporting in an accessible, intuitive UI. Out of the box reports and dashboards cover all aspects of the data center.

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