Learn How Forrester Measures 238% ROI for a ControlUp Deployment

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What if we told you about a customer who was able to realize 238% ROI and a net present value of $2.4 million by switching to ControlUp?


Right now, there’s more pressure than ever on IT to cut costs and help keep their end users productive. The pandemic has forced Enterprise organizations to completely rethink how work works, and focus on ways to optimize the Digital Employee Experience (DEX)… all while minimizing expenditures.

Although IT’s challenges are wide-ranging, three of the most common are:

  • Improving visibility – the rapid expansion of the number of employees working remotely instead of in corporate offices, has created blind spots in monitoring employee’s digital experience
  • Ensuring productivity – making sure users have access to the resources they need, when they need them and improving resolution times for issues that impact productivity
  • Controlling IT spending – with IT budgets under pressure, how do we make sure that investments in tools to manage the digital employee experience are cost-effective

Joel Stocker, Head of Product Marketing, will explain the ways ControlUp’s DEX platform can give you better visibility into the employee digital experience, including factors that impact the experience while working from home. Additionally we will explore how proactive monitoring and automation can improve user productivity.

To learn about the potential ROI of ControlUp, guest speaker Eric Hall from Forrester Consulting, will walk you through the findings of the Total Economic Impact™ study commissioned by ControlUp that was recently completed and will be made available to you at the conclusion of this webinar.

Joel Stocker
Head of Product Marketing
Eric Hall
(Guest Speaker)
TEI Consultant
Forrester Consulting
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