ControlUp Beta Release Notes

Important Notes

  • Due to security enhancements, only Org owners can upgrade to 8.8 if they are currently using a version lower than 8.7
  • Starting with version 8.8, Login Access Managers are automatically assigned the Roles Manager role in the Security Policy.

Release Notes Real-Time DX 8.8 & Solve BETA

New Integrations

  • Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Integration: You can now monitor, manage and remediate your AVD environment 
    • Large set of AVD metrics including real-time metrics for host pools, session hosts, workspace, application groups, etc.
    • New AVD drilldowns in Solve for user-friendly navigation 
    • AVD Built-in Actions
  • FSLogix Integration: Use new FSLogix metrics and dashboards to monitor and manage FSLogix containers. Learn how to use the FSLogix integration here
  • Multi-Tenancy Support. Several enhancements to improve the network, usability, and privacy of the system. 
    • Removing the dependency between tenant monitors and the MSP’s domain controller
    • Allowing only specific monitor-to-monitor communication 
    • Each user is authenticated with the monitor at the specific ControlUp Site. A user can log into Solve and access only the data that is relevant to them. 


Additional Features

    • Azure Cost Metrics: In order to provide better insight into Azure costs, we have added new cost metrics. Find an overview here
    • Monitor API Cmdlets: You can now list all available schemas and tables by using additional parameters in the Invoke-CUQuery cmdlet. Read more here.
    • Service Monitoring: Create Advanced and Scheduled Triggers as well as Script Actions for Windows Services. Learn more here.
    • PowerShell cmdlets to manage Solve Actions. Click here to learn more.  
    • Solve Actions** – We have added additional Solve Actions to our actions repository. You can find an overview of new Solve actions here.

**Please note that the actions will not be available right from the start of the Beta program. Actions will be available shortly after the beta release, with the new Solve release scheduled for later this month


Remote DX

New Features and Enhancements

The following metrics have been added:

  • Remote DX Version. Displays the installed Remote DX plugin version on the client device
  • Client CPU. Shows the CPU utilization of the client device connected to the session. 
  • Client Location. Provides the geographical location of the client device as determined by its public IP address.
  • ISP Latency. Latency between the client device connected to the session and closest ISP router 
  • ISP Name. Name of the Internet service provider.


1. The new metrics are only available for the Windows Remote DX plugin which you can download from here.
2. Make sure that the client device has access to 


Bug Fixes

  • 144258: Fixed incorrect display of Client Location
  • 137810: Hovering over buttons in the console make buttons difficult to read (bright blue)
  • 139198: Error upon Agent upgrade (The service did not stop in a timely fashion)
  • 140039: When editing an AA trigger FUA, the script names and templates are lost
  • 143459: Wrong behavior when adding a Horizon pod in the Add EUC Environment dialog
  • 143599: Connecting to a managed machine take longer than in version 8.7
  • 143719: “AZ % AIP Variance column” exhibits odd behavior
  • 141712: Monitors in second site fail to connect data sources after upgrade from 8.7

Bug Fixes (762 Build)

  • 131115: A large number of “binding to performance counter errors” is recorded in the Agent log when the “ControlUp Home Drive Testing Service” is not installed
  • 138964: Session State display as “Disconnected” in an active Session
  • 139604: The “Add New Credential” option is missing from the Data sources Credentials Drop down list menu
  • 140627: Remote DX – ControlUp Agent crash when session is launched from two different clients
  • 141390: Cost values of zero are displayed as “N/A”
  • 142537: Incorrect display of ‘Avg. App Load Time’ for non-existent processes in the Sessions view aggregated column
  • 142951: AVD RDPShortpath columns show incorrect result
  • 143252: When clicking ‘Dropped Received Packets’ and ‘Dropped Transmitted Packets’ with empty values, the console crashes – An item with the same key has already been added
  • 143562: Column ‘AVD Available Machines’ has an incorrect tooltip
  • 143707: Corrupted Values for “FSLogix % Successful Disk” displayed
  • 143764: AVD Management category is available also for non-AVD machines
  • 143888: “AZ Power State” shown as N/A for Azure Stack HCI machines
  • 144074: Value in “RDP Shortpath Connections” widget in Solve is always shown as 0
  • 145129: Disable / Enable – Pool / Farm Provisioning / Pool Provisioning does not work correctly
  • 146331: The ControlUp Agent may hang with event ID 815 in the application log. When this occurs, the agent will stop updating session and process data. In this case, kill the process ID of the cuAgent and start the cuAgent service again

Known Issues

  • 134002: Warning popup appears after editing/removing a service name in the Service Monitoring window
  • 138305: Remote DX – IGEL: Switching between WIFI to Ethernet – WIFI metrics are frozen
  • 139556: Remote DX metrics “ISP Name, Client NIC Name, Client NIC Type, Local Route IP and Client Public IP are not always displayed. 
  • 139714: AVD % Machines with successful AVD Agent upgrade” textbox is not fully visible in the trigger editor
  • 140464: Dump to Disk follow-up action doesn’t work
  • 141607: Cannot read ‘PING’ response from virtual channel “cuepux” for HZ Session
  • 141723: Cannot edit “Run an action” follow-up action due to grayed out “Template” field
  • 141867: When adding a WebHook (Send RESTful API request) in an Advanced or Scheduled trigger, the Stress Level is shown as Advanced
  • 142993: Wrong Stress Level for “AVD Host Pool Public Network Access” metric
  • 143868: Solve: Wrong number of available machines shown
  • 144305: Export Azure Machine view to an XLS (Excel 97-2003) throws an “Argument Out Of Range” error
  • 144750: Incorrect number of CPU cores and missing logical processors reported for XenServer hosts
  • 146664: Get-CUCredentials shows information about Site association when Site is already deleted