ControlUp Beta Release Notes

Real-Time DX

New Features and Enhancements

Secure Login

  • The following security enhancement were added:
  • Prevent ControlUp users from logging in to any ControlUp organization. 
  • Users need to enter an OTP code sent to their email address every time they start the Console and log into a ControlUp organization.
  • Organization owners and users with the Login Access Manager role can permit access to Real-Time Console and Insights.

Support for non-NVIDIA GPU metrics

In addition to NVIDIA GPU metrics, other GPU metrics are supported as well. GPU data is now retrieved from the Windows Operating System (WDDM), providing GPU metrics for a wide range of other graphic card manufacturers.


To use the new GPU metrics, make sure the machine on which the GPU is running meets the following requirements:

  • Windows 10 or higher
  • Windows 2019 or higher

Known Issues

  • 118994: In rare cases, switching between grid views leads to an empty Hosts column preset item. Selecting these items causes the console to crash. 
  • 119159: AZ Subscriptions value is 0 in the Folders tab.
  • 120022: Slow loading time after clicking the Script Actions button.
  • 120324: The Monitor master role is not reassigned when the master monitor is unreachable. 
  • 121003: Event tab is not grayed out for users that are denied the “View Event” permission.
  • 121136: An “Apply Changes” popup is shown even when no user interaction is expected.
  • 121223: Performance issue when switching between trigger settings.
  • 121940:  If the user that runs a Solve action belongs ONLY to the Local Admin role, running a Solve Action will fail even when the permission for the script is set to “Allow”. Find more information here.

Bug Fixes

We have now fixed the following bugs. Refer to the previous ControlUp release notes to see where the bugs were identified.

  • 81183: Executing Monitor PS cmdlets succeeded with wrong error description.
  • 85225: It is possible to see stress levels more than 100%.
  • 100279: Console – Multiple instances of the console process are running on the same machine after closing.
  • 100379: Issue with trigger “Do not record incident” schedule does not work.
  • 100544: Console – After deleting AWS connection and adding a new one, opening the connection settings shows the settings of the removed connection.
  • 101203: Logon Duration stops reporting statistics unless CUAgent is being restarted.
  • 108372: Missing .NET FW 4.8 validation upon upgrading monitor.
  • 110399: Using Console triggers, REST API FUA with failed test can be saved.
  • 110543: Console trigger scope multi-selection: only a parent node can be checked when all its children are not and vice versa.
  • 111397: Console triggers: Empty UserName variable values in the trigger email/event.
  • 111036: Export-CUQuery cmdlet: Output file is missing entries.
  • 118729: Setting a registry key value with types REG_MULTI_SZ (multi-string value) or REG_BINARY shows wrong values.
    • Binary values (REG_BINARY) were displayed as “System.Byte[]” 
    • Multi-string values (REG_MULTI_SZ) were displayed as “System.String[]” 
  • 121462: Monitor can’t log in to BE and throws an error message in the Console “Access to ControlUp backend is not permitted”.  The error occurs when the CultureInfo of the monitor OS is not set to English.  
  • 121973: Real-Time Console freezes if you auto-connect a large number of managed machines at the same time.
  • 121498: Unable to use Solve Actions when subdomains are configured in the monitor settings. 
  • 121973: Real-Time Console freezes if you auto-connect a large number of managed machines at the same time


New Features and Enhancements

Solve Actions

You can now run built-in actions in Solve. Refer to the Getting Started with Solve Actions guide to learn more about this feature.
Important for Beta: SBAs are not part of the BETA release, only some specific actions are supported. Learn more here.


To use Solve Actions, you need to upgrade your monitors to version 8.7. Additionally, you need to have .NET Framework 4.8 installed on each monitor machine.

Known Issues

  • 117212: Cost widgets at the subscription level are missing the dollar sign.
  • 117218: In some cases, there is a mismatch between Client Devices Score widget and column.
  • 119953: AZ Subscription and AZ Machines are not displayed in the Solve topology tree.
  • 120585: Horizon Desktop Pools are missing in Solve. The number of Horizon Desktop Pools displayed in Solve does not match the number connected in the console.