ControlUp Technology Advantages

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ControlUp helps IT resolve desktop issues faster, prevent tickets, and reduce spending by delivering a Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Management Fabric for IT teams struggling with troubleshooting complex workspaces, support tickets, and flat budgets. Our single, easy-to-use web app monitors virtual and physical desktops and unified communication platforms.

ControlUp Synthetic Testing

Continuously test all infrastructure for proactive notifications on the health, availability, and performance of web, SaaS, VDI, and desktop applications generating alerts before users are even aware of the problem.

  • Infrastructure Testing – ControlUp tests both virtual and physical desktops, networks, and other relevant infrastructure for rapid identification of technical problems.
  • Alerts & Notifications – Customizable alert policies automatically notify IT operations teams about system issues for support follow-up to fix the issue directly without IT engagement.
  • Results & Reporting – One year of test result data is available to easily identify and diagnose problems, and discover trends and inconsistencies within a dedicated reporting dashboard.

More information is available for virtual and physical infrastructure.

ControlUp Automation

Automate script actions to maximize resources, optimize the end user experience, and supplement troubleshooting efforts.

  • Resource Efficiency Optimization – Dynamically allocate resources to busy consumers while claiming back idle resources allowing for higher density usage without sacrificing performance.
  • Augmented Troubleshooting – Real-time triggers collect additional contextual information needed for troubleshooting and can be attached to newly created support tickets.
  • Dynamic Optimization of Digital Experience – Real-time DEX metrics for a given user session provides the necessary information to suggest when to allocate additional resources.
  • Fail-safe Mechanisms – Security, throttling, and auditing ensure admins can oversee and tune automations

More information is available for ControlUp automation.

ControlUp Community

Tap into a wealth of knowledge from your peers, industry experts, and the ControlUp team, deepening your understanding of ControlUp products and solutions from over 1,400 members.

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