Employee Dashboards & Experience Scoring

We are excited to announce the availability of our new employee-centric dashboards and experience scoring functionality in ControlUp’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) platform.

Key capabilities

  • Employee experience dashboards with over-time scoring and problem area visualization
  • Comparison of employee experience scores against previous time periods
  • Map experience scores geographically to pinpoint location-based problems
  • Drill-down into detailed individual employee profiles, activity timelines, and their experience scores
  • Ability to quickly identify factors like performance issues, application issues, network problems and system events negatively impacting experience
  • Intelligent out-of-the-box and adjustable scoring algorithm based on employee activity and active application usage
  • Differentiation between local apps, Unified Comms apps and remote VDI & DaaS sessions

How to get it
This feature is available now for customers using our Platinum, Ultimate and Advanced ControlUp for Physical Endpoints offering. At this time, access to this feature is on an invitation-only basis. Please fill out the form on the right to express your interest.

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