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ControlUp Real-Time
Find and fix end user computing issues fast using a real-time grid interface, in-OS guest view, assisted troubleshooting, and automated remediation
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ControlUp Insights
While incredibly simple to set up and use, Insights brings powerful capabilities to look back at historical data for long-term fixes and resource optimization.
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ControlUp Scoutbees
Use Proactive Syntethic Testing to report the availability of your EUC virtual apps, VDI desktops & your web- and network-based resources all from a single place.
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Netscaler Monitor
See metrics for your Netscaler appliances and manage all of their components in real-time.
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App Profiler
Analyze and benchmark load times for your key enterprise applications.
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IGEL Integration Pack
Monitor your endpoints, measure their performance, and manage IGEL devices.
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Version: 8.2.1
Release Date: 10 March 2021
File Size: 138MB