Manage the digital employee experience for end-users using physical endpoints

ControlUp Edge DX allows you to see and maintain the health of your physical endpoints that run Windows, Linux, or macOS.

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ControlUp Edge DX allows you to monitor your Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, and IGEL-based physical endpoints in real time, regardless of their location. With it, you can gain a holistic understanding of and detailed information about your endpoints. Delivered as a SaaS application, Edge DX is accessible from anywhere, is designed to work for organizations of any size, and be used by any audience, from IT admins to help desk employees.
Unlimited Scalability

ControlUp Edge DX is hosted in the cloud, so it meets the requirements of any size environment and since it’s delivered as SaaS, all you need to do is simply deploy a single agent on the endpoints that you want to monitor and maintain. That’s it, no additional infrastructure or management is needed.

Edge DX’s intuitive graphical interface lets you quickly identify issues for any of the devices you are monitoring. ControlUp Edge DX has role-based access control, SAML authentication, and all information is transferred—fully encrypted—to and from the endpoints, so it meets the most rigorous security standards.

Real-Time Health Status

Using color-coded metrics, Edge DX’s user interface allows you to quickly assess the health status of your organization's endpoints in real time. Clicking on a datapoint in a widget will zoom in to give you a higher resolution of an endpoint’s resource usage at any given time. With a single click or two, you can view more detailed dashboards for your devices. ControlUp Edge DX collects and displays user logon time, input delay, and other critical data; this allows you to assess a user’s experience with quantifiable metrics.

Scripts and Triggers

Knowing the health of an endpoint is essential, but more important than that is correcting issues when they occur or—even better—preventing issues before they affect employee productivity. ControlUp Edge DX supports a broad range of scripting languages, so you can use the best one that best suits your needs. Running a script in real time allows you to perform administrative tasks, gather more information from an endpoint, or automate repetitive tasks. By coupling a script with a trigger, you can automate an action to take place when pre-set conditions are met or schedule a recurring action.


Manually gathering information from endpoint devices can be a time-consuming (not to mention mind-numbing) process. The reporting capabilities in Edge DX relieve you of this tedious task and perform it as easily on a thousand devices as it can on just one. ControlUp Edge DX includes out-of-the-box reports for hardware and software inventory and other commonly requested information. If there isn’t a pre-created report that meets your needs, you can create one yourself using the information stored in Edge DX’s built-in database.

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