Manage the digital employee experience on physical endpoints

ControlUp Edge DX helps IT teams understand and improve the digital employee experience for people using Windows, macOS and Linux-based devices.

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ControlUp Edge DX improves the digital employee experience on endpoint devices—no matter where people are working—with a real-time understanding and optimization solution that deploys, at scale, in just minutes. Edge DX improves the digital employee experience in real time, alerts when someone’s experience suffers, and enables IT to virtually sit “side-by-side” with remote employees, help them resolve their problems, and get them back to work fast. Edge DX has a fully managed cloud infrastructure, with unlimited scalability, that provides end-to-end security.
Understand how physical endpoints affect the digital employee experience

To help employees stay productive, no matter where they’re working, IT needs to understand their digital experience. ControlUp Edge DX captures and reports on the endpoints impact on digital employee experience.

  • Real-time data collection​
  • User experience reporting​
  • Detailed device reporting
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Optimize the digital employee experience on physical endpoints

Knowing what to fix is only half the battle. ControlUp Edge DX provides easy access to endpoint devices so IT can get alerts, remote-control employees’ endpoint devices, and fix issues, so they can get back to work fast.

  • Improve digital employee experience in real-time​
  • Be alerted when an experience suffers​
  • Sit side-by-side, virtually, with remote employees
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Deploy endpoint experience management, at scale, in minutes

Optimize the digital employee experience on endpoint devices today with ControlUp’s secure, scalable, ready-to-use, cloud-based infrastructure.

  • Fully managed cloud infrastructure
  • Unlimited scalability​​
  • End-to-end security

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