Endpoint dashboard and reporting

Global visibility to the health of your physical endpoint devices and end user experience.

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Edge DX delivers the data you need to find answers. Whether you are on technology teams, the VP of Desktop Infrastructure, or help desk support staff, everyone needs access to different information to do their job effectively. Edge DX provides global information, down to the detailed network, device, and application information.
Home Dashboard
Home Dashboard

The Edge DX home dashboard shows geographical map-based device statistics for all devices. The map view shows all devices in color-coded metrics such as:

  • User logon duration
  • Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Network latency
  • User input delay
  • CPU Load
  • Memory available
  • Device location
End User Activity Dashboard
End User Activity Dashboard

Employees might use the wrong applications to do their job, or you may have purchased too many application licenses. Edge DX user activity analysis monitors employee activity to help them get the most out of their day.

  • Cost recovery from unused licenses
  • Business application usage
  • Business SaaS applications usage
  • URL tracking
Network Dashboard
Network Dashboard

Home networks are often a major cause of support issues. Edge DX provides detailed remote network data so you can quickly find problems affecting remote users.

  • Wi-Fi signal strength
  • Latency by device
  • Latency by ISP
  • Longest traceroute hops
User Experience Dashboard
User Experience Dashboard

Edge DX brings critical user experience metrics into one dashboard so you can understand who is experiencing problems such as:

  • Long logon times
  • Long application launch time
  • Long input delay
  • Devices with most reboots
  • Devices with blue screens
  • Highest average CPU
Devices Dashboard
Devices Dashboard

View a sortable and color-coded list of all managed devices to discover problems you can fix today. Device metrics can be added or removed to give you a custom view of the data most important to you.

  • Device score (health)
  • Device name
  • CPU and memory usage
  • WiFi signal strength history
  • Network latency
  • Device location
  • And more
Devices Dashboard
Detailed Device Reporting

Computers, applications, networks, and ISP connectivity affects the digital employee experience. Edge DX displays detailed performance metrics to understand the root cause of a physical device.

  • Device details
  • Historical performance metrics
  • Active processes
  • Installed applications
  • Firewall status
  • Device events‚Äč
  • Services

Getting data from a group of devices or detailed information about a specific device has never been easier. Edge DX delivers key reports with the ability to run a script on a device or devices to add additional information to the database

  • Device details
  • Windows Apps & Processes
  • Windows Performance and Security
  • Unified Communications
  • Custom Reporting

Supporting a Work from Home Network with ControlUp

In this white paper, we highlight the features and capabilities of ControlUp Edge DX to enable IT organizations to better monitor and manage remote workers with networks and devices who often work from various locations.

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