Troubleshooting and Remediation for physical endpoints

Find and fix problems fast, so people can get back to work.

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When a device or an application slows down or breaks, you need to fix the issue fast. Edge DX gives you the tools you need to fix problems or improve the digital experience.
Notification & Alerting
Notification & Alerting

Creating a self-healing environment starts with an early warning system to alert IT about an event. Edge DX can send a notification or execute a custom action to make IT aware of a problem.

  • Definable triggers
  • Webhook action (create helpdesk ticket)
  • Custom action (system or user context)
  • Email action
Remediation Actions
Remediation Actions

Custom actions are a powerful, repeatable solution to fix any device or application issue. Edge DX can run scripts you already have, or you can choose from a library of ControlUp community-driven actions.

  • Deploy on one or multiple devices for mass healing
  • System or user context script actions  
  • PowerShell, cmd, Script, Jscript, Python, Python 3, sh, bash, Swift
  • Use your own or one from ControlUp’s action library
  • Support for Windows, macOS, and Linux
Remote Assistance
Remote Assistance

Sometimes we need someone to show us what to do. Edge DX allows IT to remotely control user sessions to help solve problems, no matter where they work​.​

  • Remote desktop
  • Remote shadow
  • Remote shell
  • Send message​ to user

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