Understanding the physical endpoint experience

Keep distributed teams productive, no matter where they are working

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Real-time data collection​

In the work-from-anywhere world, people can work when, where, and however they choose. To keep distributed teams productive, ControlUp sends DEX metrics to our Edge DX cloud, so IT can see and understand the digital employee experience in real time, no matter where people are working.​

  • Minute-by-minute data collection
  • ​Network metrics
  • OS metrics​
  • Application metrics​
  • User experience metrics​​
User experience reporting

An employee’s digital experience can change at any time. Edge DX’s user experience reporting makes it easy to find users—in real time—who are having a poor digital experience​

  • User activity monitoring and tracking​
  • Logon and session details​
  • Application and intranet / SaaS usage​
  • User device geolocation​
  • Logon time and input delay
Detailed physical endpoint reporting

Computers, networks, and ISP connectivity all affect the digital employee experience. Edge DX reveals the performance factors IT needs to understand the causes of a poor digital employee experience.

  • Network and ISP​
  • Hardware and operating system​
  • Security patch status​
  • Application usage and performance
  • Custom reports

Bridging the gap with ControlUp

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