ControlUp Mobile

ControlUp Mobile is a great way to experience ControlUp Real-time triggered alerts and gain mission critical intelligence on the go.  Always stay connected to your virtual and physical environment by receiving real-time alerts from triggers configured in the ControlUp Real-time console, at any time from any location.

Alert types include:

  • Stress Level – a monitored resource (folder, virtualization host, computer, session, process, executable or account) crosses a configured stress level threshold
  • Windows Event –a Windows event (error or warning) is recorded on a monitored computer
  • Computer Down –a monitored computer becomes unavailable
  • Process Started/Ended –a process is started or ended on one of the monitored computers
  • User Logs On/Off –a user either logs on or off one of the monitored computers
  • Session State Changed –a user session state changes on one of the monitored computers

All the above alerts can be configured in the console to include specific resources by creating advanced filters. Alert delivery can also be limited to a preconfigured schedule.

ControlUp Mobile enables you to receive push notification alerts and review the history of alerts by trigger or by resource name.

For more information about working with the mobile app, please refer to this online documentation chapter .