Announcing ControlUp’s Free 50-User VIP Pack for Edge DX

Improving the digital experience is important to keep employee productivity and satisfaction at a high level, but when you look around at some of the offerings available in the market, it almost feels like they are trying to make it really hard to get started and get value out of the solution.

ControlUp has always put time-to-value and easy-of-use upfront with our products, all the way from getting access to a trial account to being in full production.

Announcing the Free ControlUp 50-User VIP Pack

Today we are “one-upping” ourselves with the launch of the ControlUp 50-User VIP Pack, a free version of our Edge DX product that allows you to manage, troubleshoot and fix issues for fifty desktop devices you have in (or outside) your network!

Why VIP? Because every organization has users with distinct needs, such as executives requiring immediate resolutions to their computer problems, employees needing extra assistance to get work done, and critical kiosks that require uninterrupted operation. Although there are many features and benefits to explore once you are inside the product, there’s three features we believe you should start with:

  1. Remote Assistance
  2. Desktop Troubleshooting
  3. Issue Remediation

Free remote assistance software

Occasionally, the swiftest resolution comes from observing a user’s actions, taking control of their environment, and addressing their concerns. The 50-User VIP Pack provides a seamless way to resolve IT issues before they escalate. Using it, you can connect to Windows, macOS, or Linux systems either through the console or by remotely controlling the desktop, regardless of the location of the desktop. Click here to learn more about its assist capabilities.

Free desktop troubleshooting software

Deploying and configuring desktops is much easier than troubleshooting and resolving desktop issues. Edge DX gathers critical information that assists IT personnel in pinpointing the underlying cause of problems and provides a fast track to solving them. Additionally, with access to a week’s worth of historical data in the 50-User VIP Pack, IT admins can perform forensics on systems and correlate information and predict when a new problem might arise.

Free remediation software

Identifying problems is only the first step in assisting users. ControlUp’s 50-User VIP Pack can automatically run actions to detect, mitigate, and remediate common issues. With ControlUp, you can use your current support scripts, download new scripts from GitHub or use our library of scripts. We support all popular scripting languages and run scripts in user or system contexts.

And so much more…

We know you have at least 50 VIP users who can benefit from a physical device monitoring and remediation solution like Edge DX. The VIP pack helps those 50 users have the best computing experience possible by collecting performance metrics about their devices, applications, and networks to fix issues quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and money.

Learn more about how the 50-User VIP Pack can help by reading the following use cases:

Get it now!

Sign-up for your ControlUp’s 50-User VIP Pack today and get immediate access to fix problems faster, fix problems automatically, and from now on: fix problems for free!