Bold Product Advancements Deserve a Bold Brand 

ControlUp’s approach to Digital Employee Experience brings IT teams and the people they support together. We wanted our brand to reflect this reality.

We set out to create a brand that reflects our innovative products in the digital employee experience (DEX) market. And like our products, we want our brand to be bold, human, and inspiring. 

Bold advancements in our product portfolio enable IT to power the work from anywhere world

For over a decade, ControlUp has helped companies champion flexible workstyles by empowering IT teams to make working from anywhere more flexible and reliable. We’ve built a global fanbase of IT professionals who rely on our modern solutions to optimize remote work environments, prevent user downtime, and resolve issues faster. All this translates to fewer headaches, lower costs, higher productivity, and happier people. We wanted our brand to reflect these advancements.


A human-centric approach to technology

Today, millions of us work remotely, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. We’ve discovered that having more flexibility to work wherever and however we want frees us to bring our best at work and in life. And for businesses, flexible workstyles lead to happier, more productive employees and more opportunities to attract and keep the best talent from around the world. We wanted our brand to be focused on people and helping them be their best. 


Inspiring the Digital Employee Experience 

Sometimes technology doesn’t work the way we need it to—applications break, the Wi-Fi goes out, laptops freeze. This can be frustrating; all people want to do is get things done without technology getting in the way. Up till now, IT lacked visibility and modern tools purpose-built for a distributed workforce. The ControlUp DEX Fabric is a unique approach to DEX management that’s designed to bring IT teams and the people they support together. We were inspired to have our brand reflect our commitment to bringing people together with a great digital employee experience.   


Welcome to the new ControlUp brand  

The work-from-anywhere world and its culture are here to stay and are shaping the future of work. We believe the new ControlUp brand embodies the environment we work in today. We’ve evolved our company, technology, and our brand to meet today’s customer needs. We’ve made it easier for IT teams to make remote work more flexible and more reliable. The digital employee experience is the human experience. I hope you like what we’ve delivered with our DEX solution and our new brand. We are ControlUp and we power the work from anywhere world. 


ControlUp Digital Employee Experience Management