Come on Down! It’s Time for the ControlUp Troubleshooting Showdown!

What do you get when you cross your favorite reality competition show, your day job, and a virtual event?

The ControlUp Troubleshooting Showdown!

Join us on March 10, 2022 at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT for a fast, furious, geeky race against the clock.

Troubleshooting Showdown

Can I phone a friend? (a.k.a. “How does it work?”)

For our Troubleshooting Showdown, we’ve taken five of the toughest troubleshooting scenarios seen in the IT world, and we’re pitting four experts against each other to solve them, each using a different weapon in their technology arsenal, to see WHO REIGNS SUPREME.

I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat. (a.k.a. “How is it fast? How is it furious? I get how it’s geeky.”)

Sabotage is part of the game! Our two commentators reserve the right to serve penalties at their discretion. Each contestant has one free penalty to impose on another player. The possibilities are endless, not to mention highly entertaining.

I’ll take “awesome” for $1000, Alex. (a.k.a. Let’s meet our contestants!)

Trentent Tye

Trentent Tye

Citrix CTP. VMware vExpert. ControlUp Senior Technical Expert. A Tech Person of Interest™️. This. Man. Knows. It. All. Trentent will bring his troubleshooting expertise with Windows Admin Center. Trentent says “I’m looking forward to a good contest. I expect to get the puck in deep and forecheck the heck out of the other tools. And their tools.” Canada much?

Eugenia Schipelliti

Eugenia Schipelliti

Manager of the ControlUp Customer Success team. All-around badass female lead. A force to be reckoned with, Eugenia is representing Team ControlUp. She says, “those other guys don’t stand a chance.”

Guy Leech

Guy Leech

Purveyor of the very greatest dad jokes (or so he says). Expert in all things IT. Known the world over for his PowerShell prowess! Guy is competing on team PowerShell.

Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson

Jeff is competing on Team Google. That’s right: he’s sourcing his solutions directly from the internet, no tools allowed. It’s a good thing he’s funny…

Big bucks! No whammies! (a.k.a. “We can’t forget about our color commentators!”)

Joel Stocker and Leeza Malachevsky are an East Coast-via-the Netherlands-meets-West Coast, ControlUp-obsessed marketing duo. And the two of them have some serious tricks up their sleeve when it comes to making things interesting.

Survey says… ? (a.k.a. Sounds like fun, yeah?)

Who will finish our troubleshooting challenge the fastest?
Whose IT skills will conquer all?
Who will reign supreme?

It’s gonna be a great time, we’re giving away tons of prizes, so SAVE YOUR SEAT for the ControlUp Troubleshooting Showdown—a virtual event like no other—today!