ControlUp Learns Linux
Posted By Dan Levtov
January 22, 2019
Wouldn’t it be cool if you could manage your Linux machines in ControlUp, alongside your regular Windows based VMs? We thought so too, so we’re introducing the new way to monitor and manage your Red Hat and CentOS machines within ControlUp using agentless integration via SSH, resulting in a similar experience as with your Windows based […]
Turbocharge IT Troubleshooting with ControlUp Virtual Expert™
Posted By Dan Levtov
July 02, 2018
One of the places where ControlUp shines is troubleshooting. From its first version our signature sortable grids allowed sysadmins to quickly drill down and zoom in on the root cause of performance issues and rapidly fix those issues from the console. The ControlUp traffic light color coding system naturally lead sysadmins and encouraged them to […]
Faster, Better, Smarter: Contextual Navigation To The Rescue
Posted By Dan Levtov
March 19, 2018
ControlUp prides itself with quick, snappy and unparalleled troubleshooting of performance issues with an intuitive interface, lightning-fast drill down and easy root cause analysis and remediation. If you’ve ever tried it, you know what we’re talking about. But now, with the introduction of ControlUp 7.1, we’ve got a new trick up our sleeve. The Best […]
The Power Of Contextual Remediation – Captain Hindsight Is Actually Useful!
Posted By Dan Levtov
June 05, 2017
What’s The Deal With Contextual Remediation? If you’ve had the chance to use ControlUp for a bit, you’ve probably already seen how you can spot an issue on one of the higher level hosts and correlate that red flag to the actual problem by double clicking and drilling down into the VM, the user session, […]
Posted By ControlUp Team
February 03, 2015
This is the first in a  series of posts where we will review some of ControlUp’s unique features that ease and optimize some small, yet important tasks. In this post, we will explore how ControlUp gives you the ability to access a user’s environment and troubleshoot without logging him/her out. The Issue with SysAdmin Troubleshooting […]
Posted By ControlUp Team
February 19, 2014
For everything, there is a first time “View virtual desktop environments are complex and have a lot of moving parts to sort through to identify a problem,” writes Jim Yanik, End-User Computing Architect at VMware.  His blog goes on to discuss the much needed in-guest metrics that are new for Horizon 6.  We here at ControlUp have been providing […]
Posted By ControlUp Team
May 01, 2013
A few days ago, we had a serious printing problem in our XenApp farm. We were initially alerted to a printing issue when the aggregated events count started to climb: We looked at the events and noticed events like this one across 200 servers: In ControlUp, you can right-click an event and go immediately to […]
Posted By ControlUp Team
April 14, 2013
Windows Event Log is a valuable source of information, and it is usually my first stop, when diagnosing a server or desktop after a problem has occurred. What I would really like to have however is proactive monitoring capabilities – an Event Log that will draw my attention to a problem as it is occurring. Can the event […]