ControlUp Learns Linux

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could manage your Linux machines in ControlUp, alongside your regular Windows based VMs? We thought so too, so we’re introducing the new way to monitor and manage your Red Hat and CentOS machines within ControlUp using agentless integration via SSH, resulting in a similar experience as with your Windows based VMs.

To accomplish this feat, We’ve created a specialized Linux data collector in which you input your credentials, and the collector uses these to collect and display the real-time performance metrics and metadata, complete with Linux specific metrics at the VM and process level such as PID, ppid and niceness level per process (nice priority).

With ControlUp’s new Linux integration you can now troubleshoot issues on your Linux machines starting from the Host level, drilling down into the Linux machine, then into its processes.  It’s also possible now to drill down following the storage path from the datastore all the way into the logical disks to see metrics like total, used and free inodes (index nodes) per each logical disk. In the intuitive ControlUp fashion, identifying root causes and reaching the source of the problem becomes painless and fast.

In the current version you’ll be able to open a remote session to any machine via SSH, and in future versions we plan to add management actions from the ControlUp console that will allow you much greater troubleshooting capabilities.

Managing your Linux VMs in ControlUp also means you can enjoy the incident triggers capabilities to get notified about anything that happens. You can also restrict access from other ControlUp users in your organization so that they don’t have access to specific machines by using ControlUp security policy.

As we venture into this new sphere and “learn Linux”, we hope to bring you great value and functionality and to give you that extra edge of being able to monitor and manage your Linux machines alongside your Windows VMs.

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