ControlUp Supports Windows 10 for Easy VDI Monitoring & Management

Windows 10 from Microsoft seems to be a promising OS for general use and an excellent candidate for VDI and DaaS deployments. Our friend Mark Plettenberg over at LoginVSI wrote a short blog about their Windows 10 support and mentioned some great resources regarding the new OS:

Microsoft – Windows 10 FAQ

Microsoft – Preparing to upgrade one billion devices

Brian Madden – Unlike Windows 7, Windows 10 adoption will be easy

Citrix – XenDesktop Virtual Delivery Agent (Tech preview) for Windows 10

VMware Horizon View – Windows 10

VDI wrangles rogue Windows 10 upgrades

We at ControlUp are excited to announce that we support Windows 10.  In the screenshot below you can see how to easily run the console on a Windows 10 box and also manage Windows 10 endpoints. No special configuration or adjustments are needed to run on manage Windows 10 with ControlUp.