ControlUp TechTalks at VMware Explore 2022!

It’s baaaaaack! VMware Explore 2022 will be held inside the newly revamped Moscone Center in San Francisco from August 29–September 1. After having been held virtually for the last two years, I think it’s an understatement to say that everyone is excited to attend the conference formerly known as VMworld and see customers, colleagues, and friends, in person, once again. The team at ControlUp is excited to be Platinum sponsors at VMware Explore this year, and we can’t wait to show Horizon users how our digital employee experience management platform can help them and their IT teams manage the remote work world more easily.

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This year, ControlUp will have a massive presence at the event. In addition to hosting a huge booth (#1302) in the Exhibition Hall, we will also present not one, not two, not three or four, but FIVE different sessions at the event!

One—Improve Remote Work Experience with Last-Mile Monitoring from ControlUp [EUS2540US]—will be held in the Expo Theater. We have a great breakout session, too: Bad User Experience Smackdown: Easy Horizon Troubleshooting with ControlUp [EUSB2474US], which will involve us not showcasing some great tech, but we’ll be breaking stuff… with hammers! 

We’re also offering three VMTN Tech Talks this year, and today, I’m giving you a sneak peek. 

TechTalks—as opposed to expo and breakout sessions—are tightly focused, 15– or 30–minute talks on a specific subject. Because the audience for these talks is much more niche, attendees can easily ask questions and delve deeper into a given topic with a subject matter expert (SME) who is presenting the session. In the case of these three sessions, that SME is, well, me.

In my first TechTalk, Is Your Horizon Desktop Available? [VMTN2001US], I will discuss using ControlUp Scoutbees, our proactive synthetic monitoring solution, to ensure the availability of Horizon desktops. With the explosion of remote work, users not being able to access a remote resource can be a HUGE issue. Scoutbees monitors the status of these resources and lets you know when they are unavailable or suffering issues. 


VMware Explore TechTalk: Is Your Horizon Desktop Available? [VMTN2001US]


The two other TechTalks I’ll be presenting are Monitoring Horizon VDI Clients and Home Networks [VMTN2000US] and Increase Horizon Guest Density Using MMR [VMTN1997US]. In the first of these, I will cover using Remote DX to monitor the connectivity to a Horizon desktop. One of the features that makes Remote DX unique is that it transfers all the information about the device over a Horizon virtual channel, meaning that no additional ports need to be opened in the firewall and no processes need to run on the Horizon client. 


VMware Explore TechTalks: Monitoring Horizon VDI Clients and Home Networks [VMTN2000US]


In the second, I will explain how VMware Multimedia Redirection (MMR) can offload processes from a virtual desktop to a VDI device. By freeing up CPU cycles on the ESXi host, you can run more virtual desktops on a given host, thereby increasing guest density and lowering the cost per Horizon desktop.


VMware Explore TechTalks: Increase Horizon Guest Density Using MMR [VMTN1997US]


Have you registered yet?

Until July 18, you can get a full event pass to VMware Explore for $2,095; after that, the price will go up. This pass includes general and breakout sessions, keynotes, and Hands-on Lab (HOL) interactive simulations, as well as the end-of-event party. If you can’t attend the live event, VMware is making an online pass for free for those with a VMware ID (also free). I’m looking forward to seeing you all at VMware Explore in August!


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Tom Fenton

Tom Fenton is a Technical Marketing manager here at ControlUp (in addition to an all-around great guy). He’s THE subject matter expert for Edge DX, our physical endpoint monitoring solution, as well as an expert in all things VMware (FACT: he used to work at VMware, teaching their employees about their technology). He creates valuable, educational content for the ControlUp blog, leads deep-dive webinars, and educates our sales teams and other IT professionals with tips and tricks about how to use ControlUp solutions. In his spare time, he writes for and Virtualization Review magazine, and enjoys outdoor sports in the Pacific Northwest. Connect with him on Twitter @vDoppler.