ControlUp Wins Best Use of Technology in Customer Success Award

Congratulations to our Head of Customer Success Operations, Yair Bortinger, for recently winning the Best Use of Technology in Customer Success at the Customer Success Excellence Award in London hosted by Customer Success Excellence. Yair’s visionary leadership and innovation in building a scalable customer success solution led to this award.

Business Challenge 

ControlUp supports thousands of global customers running various editions of our products based on specific business requirements. All our customers must get the support, guidance, and attention required to realize their expected outcomes from the ControlUp platform. 

Additionally, Yair and his team hold themselves to a high standard in delivering outstanding customer experiences regardless of customer size or location. 

Yair’s team developed a series of actions for customers based on their product profile and communicated the upgrade process while also tracking upgrade completion securely. 

Business Solution    

Sending thousands of emails would be cumbersome because each customer has unique requirements for the upgrade process, and this process was labor-intensive for a small support team. Turning to EverAfter, the team took advantage of their personalized hub platform customized for each customer to load a step-by-step checklist based on the customer’s license, deployment history, and active version. 

Customers followed their custom process in their personalized hub platform with the ability to obtain more information about their steps with additional content loaded by ControlUp to simplify and accelerate this critical security update process. 

For more information, read the EverAfter and ControlUp Case Study demonstrating ControlUp’s leverage of EverAfter to minimize overhead when pushing out critical security updates to our entire customer base.  

ControlUp Customer Success Operations 

The Success Operations team, led by Yair, ensures our customers are maximizing their investment in our technology and leads the industry by providing innovative support solutions benefiting our customers. Having Yair and his team acknowledged by other pioneers and industry leaders in customer success demonstrates our commitment to customers in all aspects of the business.