Digital Employee Experience Management for the Work-From-Anywhere Era

ControlUp Endpoint Management

No matter where our Enterprise customers are on their digital journey, ControlUp is right there to meet you. That’s the way it’s always been, that’s always the way it will be.

That journey has, over the past year, taken some unexpected turns. With the global workforce suddenly forced to work remotely, Enterprise businesses were suddenly saddled with the pressure of delivering a seamless digital experience to their employees and making sure they could stay productive, no matter where they were. 

With people logging into work from countless endpoints, including Citrix endpoints, from locations with spotty or over-taxed Wi-Fi, how could IT make sure employees’ remote work experience was just as good as working in the office?

The answer? ControlUp.

Eliminate IT Blind Spots & Go the Last Mile with ControlUp

The move to a work-from-anywhere business model has put a ton of pressure on IT departments. Ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity is of tantamount importance. The number of work environments that had to be managed prior to the pandemic has grown exponentially since March 2020. These environments include innumerable homes that have spotty internet coverage and that simply don’t have the network capability (especially with multiple family members using up bandwidth while with kids attending virtual classes, partners also working from home, and more) needed to support business applications.

Not just Citrix Endpoint Management

ControlUp has always monitored virtualized work environments. But now we’re excited to say that we can deliver the same real-time reliable data to physical endpoints, too, as well as relevant user-side telemetry, such as the quality and speed of an employee’s Wi-Fi and the performance of their internet connection, that affect the Digital Experience. ControlUp’s Last Mile Experience Monitoring gives IT increased visibility and control over the employee digital experience, regardless of where they work—in the office, from home or on the road—or the type of workspace they use, virtual, physical or cloud.

We are thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking additions to the ControlUp Digital Employee Experience Management platform:

  • ControlUp Remote DX: For employees that use Citrix or VMware Horizon virtual workspaces, ControlUp now collects relevant user-side telemetry that affects the Digital Experience, such as the quality & speed of the Wi-Fi connection and performance of their Internet connection.
  • ControlUp Edge DX: For employees that use a physical endpoint running Windows, macOS, Linux, or IGEL OS—no matter if they use Citrix or VMware Horizon workspaces—the addition of ControlUp Edge DX enables IT endpoint management of the entire Digital Employee Experience, end to end.

When you combine these two new technologies with the rest of our portfolio, you get the simplest most cost-effective way to put the power of the ControlUp Digital Employee Experience Management platform to work for you: ControlUp Ultimate. With it, you get ControlUp Real-Time DX, our tried-and-true real-time monitoring console, ControlUp Insights, and ControlUp Automate, plus:

  • ControlUp Scoutbees: proactive synthetic monitoring and testing that alerts IT about issues related to the availability and performance of applications, desktops, and network resources. The solution allows IT operations teams to quickly identify the cause of any problems and address them before user productivity is impacted.
  • ControlUp Solve: the overall health of the end-user computing (EUC) environment—end to end—visualized on a single dashboard in real time, including the ability to drill down to see detailed metrics for a particular aspect of the infrastructure, all the way down to the users’ session process level.

The move to a work-from-anywhere business model has stressed IT departments like never before. Ensuring employee satisfaction and productivity is of tantamount importance. The number of work environments that need to be monitored and optimized has grown exponentially to include thousands of homes that often have spotty internet coverage, lacking the network capability needed to support business applications. The ControlUp platform gives these teams expanded visibility and control into the performance of local networks and Wi-Fi, as well as physical endpoints, to monitor and optimize employees’ digital experience. 

The way we work has changed; the way IT monitors should, too. ControlUp is always committed to meeting our Enterprise customers where they are on their digital journey and we are thrilled to deliver employee experience optimization for the work-from-anywhere era.

To see all that the ControlUp platform can do and the ways it can help you deliver a world-class digital experience for your employees, join us TOMORROW, May 13, 2021 for an exclusive web event where you can see it all in action.

Introducing Digital Employee Experience (DEX) Management for the Work-From-Anywhere Era. Citrix endpoint management and more!

DATE: May 13, 2021

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