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Real-Time Monitoring

Our console is a live spreadsheet-like grid. You can customize your view with metrics important to you. You can sort by each column and click on each cell to navigate across your systems. The grid offers powerful search and grouping options that offer quick and easy in-depth insights.

Incident Triggers and Alerts

Need real-time alerts to notify you when important incidents happen in your environment? ControlUp allows you to set fine-grained incident triggers with a few simple steps. Once a threshold is crossed, you are notified by email or a push notification. Incidents are automatically logged in a central database for historical analysis.

Server Monitoring

Gain unprecedented visibility of your servers in one place with ControlUp Real-Time for an aggregated and real-time view into every servers’ sessions, processes, data stores, CPU use, disk performance, and much more. ControlUp works seamlessly not only with on-premises servers, but with hyper-converged and cloud compute instances as well.

User Experience Monitoring

Not sure where to look first when monitoring desktops and applications delivered to your end users? Not to worry, ControlUp Real-Time comes preconfigured with straightforward user experience metrics. Smart thresholds obtained from the global IT community are used as your default setting, which makes your systems light up immediately with valuable, actionable data.

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