Real-time digital experience monitoring

Real-time, actionable dashboards to pinpoint and proactively fix problems unique to users’ virtual desktops and applications

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Providing an end-to-end view into your end-user computing environment, ControlUp Real-Time DX collects metrics in real time, so you can identify, troubleshoot, and remediate problems before they negatively affect your employees’ digital experience and productivity.
Real-Time Monitoring

Technology should be intuitive. The way we interact with it should be, too. That thinking is behind everything we do at ControlUp. Our Solve user interface is designed to let you see your environment—VDIs, servers, and more—in real time, so you’re able to make changes as needed and keep your end users happy and productive.

Powerful search and grouping options show resources as they change states, so you can optimize your EUC environment to deliver the best possible user experience and ensure business continuity.

User Experience Monitoring

ControlUp’s user experience metrics make it possible for you to deliver the best possible user experience, period. Find the root cause of and remediate issues related to excessive logon duration, slow application response, and more with just a few clicks. By having the metrics displayed in real-time ControlUp can help you troubleshoot and remedy issues in your environment before your users are even aware there’s a problem.

Alerts & Automations

ControlUp’s advanced alerts and automations trigger-and-alert system arms you with incredible power and flexibility to set up alerts that are tailored for your organization's specific needs, so you’re able to target the exact failure states that are important to you.

But ControlUp doesn’t just stop at alerting. ControlUp can take automated actions that will clean up temp directories, or expand disk size, log off idle users, and more, depending on your needs. ControlUp makes it easy to spot and solve your issues before your users’ productivity is hampered in any way.

Bridging the gap with ControlUp

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Version: 8.6.5
Release Date: 24 May 2022
File Size: 93.5MB