Performance Visibility - Monitoring

Monitor your virtual environment from one actionable dashboard

Aggregated Real-time Performance

Not sure where to look first when monitoring your virtual environment? Not to worry, the ControlUp Real-time dashboard is an organized, high-performance grid that allows you to search and sort through a multitude of views including folders, hosts, computers, sessions, processes, user accounts and executables.

With a click of a button you can easily sort, group, filter, search, and customize the information letting you deep-dive in real-time. Quick zoom-in/zoom-out capabilities allow you to drill down into areas that are most important to you.

Incident Triggers & Alerts

Need real-time alerts to notify you when important incidents happen in your virtual environment? ControlUp Real-time allows you to set fine grained incidents, in a few simple steps, and then define the incident trigger thresholds. Once the thresholds are crossed you are notified immediately by email alert and/or push notification alerts via the ControlUp Mobile. Incidents will also be automatically logged in a central database for historical analysis.

Check out our extensive dashboard views

Summary data collected from resources logically grouped together (based on location, technology versions or any other grouping criteria you choose), to quickly assess the total user load on your server farm or monitor averages for selected performance counters on similar computers.
Virtualization hosts associated with all hypervisor connections are easily viewed, giving you performance statistics of all hypervisor connections directly, without having to install or run the hypervisor management program.
graphical representation of server and/or virtual desktop performance data, including CPU and memory utilization. With just a few keystrokes, you can zoom in to filter the results by computer name or sort the grid to identify the hosts utilizing most resources.
Displays all established user sessions, regardless of the server or virtual desktop the user is currently connected to. See Sessions’ resource consumption to help assess the performance impact of each session and easily focus and perform tasks on selected sessions, as well as filter the grid to identify the session you are looking for.
This is the highest resolution display of your VDI environment, giving you a fine-grained picture of what is going on inside your servers, desktops and user sessions. Easily manage large server farms where tens or hundreds of thousands of processes are running concurrently.
Presents a summary of all applications running across the enterprise, providing you answers to a number of important questions dealing with concurrent apps running, highest resource consumption and unwanted/malicious processes.
Resource utilization of all currently logged on users is summed up across all the servers and desktops in use.