Embrace the Future: An Autonomous and Empowered IT Organization 

This is the second installment in our series on delivering unbounded productivity for IT and employees with ControlUp. You can check out the first one here. This blog will focus on how creating an autonomous and empowered IT organization moves your team beyond simply managing tools and toward being a strategic partner. 

Welcome to the operational core of your organization! That’s right – I’m talking about the IT department. 

This is the team that powers employee productivity and safeguards valuable IP. 

This is the first line of defense against cyber threats and where forward-thinking AI initiatives are dreamed up and implemented. 

As you likely know, IT teams ensure that digital tools work as required and give employees the experience they deserve.  

It’s hard to overstate the importance of IT and the people who work there – like you.  

You are a group of innovative, creative, problem-solving individuals. But you can’t unleash your inner rock star when you are completely bogged down by ticket volume and long resolution time. 

You just don’t have enough time in the day to be strategic partners when there are so many tools to manage, issues to fix, and no standard way to remediate.  

Our Vision: An Autonomous and Empowered IT Organization 

How can you stay ahead of the curve with these demands on your time? IT needs better visibility into issues impacting experience, so troubleshooting and remediation can become proactive.  

By transforming your IT organization into an autonomous and empowered entity, you can deliver unbounded productivity to IT and employees. This starts with a powerful digital employee experience (DEX) tool. 

ControlUp helps IT teams improve workflows, reduce mean time to resolution, and enable autonomous and proactive operations. The result: you get time back to work on the strategic projects that drive the business forward. 

With ControlUp, you know about issues before your users and can implement standards to seamlessly remediate them, staying ahead of the game and on top of strategic priorities.

How ControlUp Helps You Deliver Your Strategic Outcomes   

ControlUp helps lighten the support load for IT teams with several key platform features: 

  • Employee Experience Scoring and Insights provide a comprehensive picture of your employees’ digital experiences and improve root-cause analysis and remediation times. 
  • Intuitive dashboards help to find and address issues quickly and improve operational agility. 
  • GenAI chatbot streamlines IT support with an understanding of natural language, and the ability to respond to a wide range of queries. 
  • Proactive notifications give IT an early warning system, so you know about events like application downtime and connectivity issues before they impact experience. 
  • Automated remediation addresses issues and schedules maintenance for minimal disruption. 
  • Remote assist allows IT to see what the user is experiencing, making troubleshooting more efficient. 

Empower IT to Drive the Business Forward 

Enabling IT to become more autonomous and empowered is crucial for long-term success. ControlUp helps you get past the daily grind of support tickets and troubleshooting. By proactively resolving issues and automating processes, IT gains valuable time to focus on strategic initiatives. 

ControlUp provides the tools to improve workflows, reduce resolution times, and enable autonomous operations, ultimately delivering strategic outcomes efficiently and effectively.  

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