Go the Last Mile with ControlUp

As Ido, our VP of Product, said in his blog earlier this morning, today is a big day for ControlUp!

Not only are we announcing a brand-new version of ControlUp that’s loaded with cool new features that will make you love it more than ever, we have added groundbreaking new technology that will help IT teams deliver the best possible digital experience for employees, so they can stay productive no matter where they work. 

Introducing Digital Employee Experience Management for the Work-From-Anywhere Era

The ControlUp platform—made up of ControlUp Real-Time DX, ControlUp Insights, ControlUp Scoutbees, and ControlUp Solve has two more revolutionary solutions to help IT keep their organization’s employees happy and productive: ControlUp Edge DX and ControlUp Remote DX. For ControlUp Ultimate customers, all of this technology, as soon as it’s generally available, will be right there, ready to help you raise your game. You’ll have these latest enhancements along with the updated v8.5 release—all in one place.

ControlUp Edge DX

Bringing the power of ControlUp Digital Experience platform to the physical realm, ControlUp Edge DX gives IT teams greater visibility and control into their infrastructure, and a true, end-to-end view of their entire EUC ecosystem. ControlUp has long monitored virtualized work environments. But ControlUp Edge DX gives you the ability to monitor Windows-, Mac-, Linux-, and IGEL-based devices, too.

ControlUp Remote DX

For organizations using Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops or VMware Horizon, ControlUp Remote DX technology collects relevant performance and experience metrics from the user’s endpoint that can affect their overall digital experience. ControlUp Remote DX brings in client device experience information from ControlUp Real-Time DX and is combined with other data points from the user’s session—including Wi-Fi strength and speed, as well as user device ISP connectivity—from the EUC stack to give IT teams a complete view of how the user’s digital experience is being affected.

Customizable Dashboards in ControlUp Solve

New in ControlUp Solve, you can create and share custom dashboards with others in your organization. This is a huge asset if you have multiple Citrix sites or VMware Horizon farms and want to have a dashboard for each that contains the data you most care about. If you want to do things like have separate dashboards for each desktop pool or even with a scope set to a specific folder view, now you can do that. 

The Custom Dashboards widgets provide ample opportunity to create visualizations that contain multiple metrics in a single chart for quick data correlation. And by using “TV Mode”, custom dashboards can be optimally displayed on mounted TV screens in your enterprise’s command center.

Scheduled Triggers

Scheduled Triggers are time-based triggers that fire at specified times. Trigger conditions can be based on any number of criteria—time only, or a combination of time and other parameters. This version includes a one time schedule or hourly recurrence with a range interval of 1-24 hours. Some of the applicable use cases:

  • Daily reboot VDA at 2:00 a.m. if there are no active sessions for 15 minutes
  • Power off machines every evening and power them back on in the morning
  • Run a daily, script action-based health check on monitored metrics and automatically send a report to selected recipients

Get it all with ControlUp Ultimate

With ControlUp Ultimate, the simplest, most cost-effective way to get all of ControlUp’s solutions, you get all of ControlUp’s solutions:

  • ControlUp Real-Time DX: Providing an end-to-end view into your end-user computing environment, ControlUp provides metrics in real time, so you can monitor, troubleshoot, and remediate problems before they affect user experience and hamper productivity.
  • ControlUp Edge DX: The same real-time reliable data ControlUp has always delivered for virtualized environments is now available for physical endpoints. This new technology will give IT greater flexibility and control and a true, end-to-end view of their entire remote work landscape.
  • ControlUp Insights: In IT, data rules all. With powerful analytics, ControlUp Insights gives your team the information they need to plan effectively, optimize resources, and monitor the health of your systems, so you can deliver the best possible user experience.
  • ControlUp Remote DX: For organizations using Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops or VMware Horizon, Remote DX, ControlUp’s client experience metrics technology, collects relevant performance and experience metrics from the user’s endpoint that can affect their overall Digital Experience.
  • ControlUp Scoutbees: A cloud-based solution that uses continuous synthetic testing to proactively alert you when the availability of your apps, desktops, and network resources is impacted, no matter if these are virtual apps and desktops delivered through Citrix and VMware Horizon or if you want to monitor your network resources and SaaS apps.
  • ControlUp Solve: Providing visibility at scale, ControlUp Solve allows you to see, in real time, the overall health of your EUC environment—end to end—and lets you easily drill down to see detailed metrics for a particular aspect of your infrastructure, all the way down to the users’ session process level. Real-time data is at the core of our solution, but SOLVE brings together real-time and historical data enabling you to understand and effectively troubleshoot past issues.
  • ControlUp Automate: Prevent issues proactively and keep your users productive with ControlUp Automate. It enables you to “set-and-forget” the remediation for common and recurring user issues, or stop them before they ever become problems. Automate can also be used to dynamically improve your user’s Digital Experience and optimize your environment’s resource allocation.

This new release makes it possible for IT teams to look at their environments in ways that have never before been possible. Now, no matter where employees work, ControlUp gives systems administrators the tools they need to keep teams happy and productive, giving them a truly great digital experience and delivering on the work-from-anywhere promise.