Introducing “TalkUP IT” by ControlUp with Davina Armstrong-Cruz from Sterling

Welcome to the new ControlUp customer discussion video series, TalkUP IT by ControlUp. In our inaugural episode we asked Davina Armstrong-Cruz from Sterling to cover a series of topics related to her career and insights in the digital employee experience IT space. Yair Bortinger, Head of Customer Success Operations at ControlUp asks the right questions to deliver an informative and fun conversation.

About Sterling

Founded in 1996, Sterling has been dedicated to being a dependable, trusted advisor for government, commercial, and educational sectors by providing a consistent, transparent, predictable, and ethical IT experience.

As a value-added technology reseller, solution and service provider, we keep the customer and end-user goals top-of-mind while designing secure, customized Client to Cloud® solutions.

We lead by example, always pushing the status quo and committing to the highest quality of work. It’s our people, partnerships, and relationships that make us who we are. What we say is what we do- and we do it the right way…The Sterling Way.

The Sterling Way…Consistent. Transparent. Predictable. Ethical.

Learn more in our Client to Cloud Overview.